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Riot Games has released a new report where the videogame company talks about the ranked games of their most successful title: League of Legends.

In this article, they have studied the performance of the changes they have been doing and the changes they are preparing for the next season.

Implemented changes:

Some of the things that they have been working on to clean up some problems that have been common are:

Improvement of queue matchmaking quality without compromising queue time and availability, by modifying the Autofill Parity (they reduced autofill disparity to <5%), reducing the premade disparity from 54% to <5%, implementing a new Matchmaking methodology that is faster and more accurate, and changing the MMR Clamps quality of life so players at the top and bottom are not perpetually stuck trying to find a match.

Improvement of transparency around ranked and matchmaking systems. They are working on ranked informed matchmaking that matches us to similar ranks.

They are also working on the improvement of progression satisfaction and skill expression in their systems by removing inter-divisional promotion, changing duo games in Master +, and creating a structured Unlock of Master + tiers.

Making rewards more recognizable and relevant for time spent in League by bringing updates to Victorious thematic and content is also in their plans.

And last but not least, they want players to find people they want to play with. That is why they removed the flex restrictions, which resulted in an increase in the numbers of 5-stack teams and total available flex matches.

Now, with the current season coming to an end, Riot Games presents their core commitments over the next few months and explains what intentions they have for the upcoming preseason.

Changes coming in Preseason

Division Promo Series Removal: as mentioned above, that is one of the changes they are working on in order to improve progression satisfaction and skill expression.

Riot Games plans to remove the inter-division promotion series in both solo and flex queues at the start of preseason and will implement the following changes to avoid ranked inflation and rapid rubberbanding:

  • On division promotion, rolling leftover LP into the next division.
  • Removing inter-division demotion protection for players who are at 0 LP.

The tier promotions remain the same.

Ranked Informed Matchmaking: also mentioned before, Riot Games is working on new guardrails that will ensure teams are more balanced from an LP and division perspective in addition to being balanced from an MMR perspective.

They are measuring the success of this change by the difference in LP within our team and between the two teams, and the simulations are showing a significant improvement.

Ranked Seeding: another work in progress that aims to place players more accurately when they are first placed in ranked queues, by creating a less volatile experience for both new accounts and veteran when paired with these new ranked accounts.

Apex Tier Changes (Master+): the company is concerned with consistent match quality and players experience, and some problems keep coming up, like integrity around duos vs non-duos, autofill by role, and the disparity between ranks.

That is why they prepare for preseason some changes, like removing duo-queue for all players at Master tier and above, to see if it improves overall match quality at the top of the ladder.

Another change to the Apex Tier will be the unlock of the Apex Tier right at the start of the ranked season, to avoid a jarring and confusing experience.

All these changes are basically what we can expect to see during the next few months. It seems like Riot Games want things to be easier for the players… what do you think about these changes?

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