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Sometimes League of Legends players get sick of Summoner’s Rift (Odd, I know). Often times, people still want to play League but just want a different variation. Enter – ARAM. ARAM is a great way to blow off some steam and just practice some fighting skills…. when the game works.

A League player posted on the League of Legends forums regarding ARAM’s latest controversial bug. The bug revolves around dashes. Dashes have been going in the opposite direction instead of the correct direction. OatheSworn, the poster, provided an example and said, “Just a few games ago, there was a Warwick on the enemy team whose Q’s launched him backwards–roughly 800 units–but the hitbox was still on the target. This literally made him invisible until the game caught up and made him nearly impossible to play against. Just imagine getting feared/ulted by an invisible unit all game, every fight with no counter-play other than to predict his movements or panic-flash. Actually ridiculous how long this bug has been going on.”

Maple Nectar, a Gameplay Producer at Riot Games responded and said, “So talking to folks it seems that there hasn’t been a good resolution found for the bug yet, though investigation is going to continue.”

Maple Nectar also brought up another community suggestion – disabling the snowball. Personally, disabling the snowball would be a bad thing for the game as it’s one of the most exciting unique features of the gamemode. “Around the discussion around disabling snowball, the current decision by the team that owns ARAM has been to leave it enabled given that a number of champs actually rely on it to be playable for the mode. It’s a bit of a rock and a hard place, disabling it makes sense from one perspective (it’s the bug that everyone can abuse if they take snowball), but disabling it is actually a pretty huge detriment to the rest of the champions on the mode. Ideally we’re able to find a fix asap and deploy it – sorry that’s all the info I have atm”


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