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One of the most important transfers of players in the Competitive League of Legends’ history has happened very recently, involving the two greatest organizations in the LEC, and their signature players.

After Luka ‘Perkz‘ Perković was announced to leave G2 Esports to cross the Atlantic and join Cloud9 in the LCS, the most successful team of recent years needed a new ADC to fill that position, and they never lacked suitors.

Nevertheless, a crazy rumor started running through the community… G2 Esports could be negotiating with Martin ‘Rekkles‘ Larsson, the signature player for Fnatic, who had spent eight years wearing the black and orange jersey.

In the end, the rumor became true, and Fnatic announced the departure of the Swedish ADC. One day after this announcement, G2 Esports confirmed Rekkles as their new ADC for 2021.

I Will Win Worlds | Welcome G2 Rekkles | G2 Esports

After all the chaos and excitement that these roster changes caused, we could only hear from Rekkles what he said in his presentation video, where he claimed to be fighting for one single goal: win Worlds.

But now, with things being more calmed, the Swedish player has had a sincere moment with his fans during a stream session and has explained the reasons why he took the decision to change his life and join the eternal enemy.

It was obviously quite a dilemma because on one hand I really wanted to stay because I promised and… yeah, I had quite of a legacy to stand on there, which I don’t now, but at the same time… It’s an opportunity I have to take, it’s not going to come again. If I get an invitation from G2 to play with them and I say no, it’s not like they are going to ask me next year… it would happen once“.

Later, in the same stream, Rekkles compared this situation with the one he had when he decided to leave everything behind and start playing professional League of Legends, and once again admitted that this opportunity happens once in a lifetime, so he had to take it now and risk it all, whatever the cost is.

To me, it felt right, that’s why I’m happy”, Rekkles said, assuring that G2 Esports was the right option and confessing that it doesn’t matter if this adventure goes well or bad, he will regret nothing.

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