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By the looks of it, Riot Games won’t proceed with the previously proposed changes to Rakan’s ultimate. Earlier this week, the devs proposed an adjustment where Rakan would be faster during his R, but won’t be able to cast his W (Grand Entrance) or E (Battle Dance), thus hampering his teamfight engage ability.

This wasn’t a change the community was particularly happy with, despite Riot’s encouragement that they had convinced skeptical Rakan players. The champion is still considered to be one of the weaker supports in both solo queue and pro player, and many saw the ult changes as a straight up nerf.

That isn’t going to be the case anymore, as Riot Games appears to have scrapped this suggestion in order for a fairer Rakan ult change. As of now, Rakan’s R (The Quickness) will have a 0.5 second casting time, during which Rakan can still move, but can’t use his W or Flash. This will still allow Rakan to cast Grand Entrance after his R is in effect, but will telegraph a short window during which the enemy team can react and reposition. This will also prevent blitz-speed R-Flash-W combos, allowing Rakan to dive on the enemy from miles away.

Screenshot by: Surrenderat20

In the same PBE patch, Riot Games has also targeted Aatrox’s ult, World Ender. Now, Aatrox will only revive during World Ender if he’s scored a takedown. At he same time, takedowns will extend World Ender by 6 seconds, reset Q (The Darkin Blade) and refund a charge. What’s more, Aatrox will always heal to 50% of his maximum health, but he will move 99% slower during the revival period.

Screenshot by: Surrenderat20

These changes telegraph that Riot wants Aatrox to gain more, but also suffer more during World Ender trades. His ult won’t work as an escape mechanism during ganks, for example, and will force Aatrox players to time it for when they can go for the kill.

The change is somewhat in line with what Patch 9.8 introduced for other top laners like Fiora and Renekton, making them more dynamic and skirmish-oriented.

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