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Crit changes in League of Legends has been one of the hottest, if not the hottest topics for casual gamers across the board. The bot lane has been a work in progress to say the least and Riot has started trying to fix the current situation with changes to crit items.

In the latest Quick Gameplay Thoughts, Meddler, the Lead Gameplay Designer over at Riot Games outlined some of the changes below.

We’ve been continuing to work on crit item changes for 8.15 this week, with some shifts in what’s likely to ship versus our thinking last week:

  • We’re keeping Zeal items at 30% crit for now. We do want to address crit overcapping. Cutting Zeal crit amount however without also changing how IE works results in marksmen power curves getting pushed later, with more of a marksman’s power coming from the second Zeal item spike. That clashes with one of bigger goals of moving some power from late game to early/mid game. We’re keeping the crit overcapping in 8.15 at least as a result. We will address it, but didn’t want to do so in a way that traded one cost for a larger one.
  • We’ve added an additional passive to IE, where it gives bonus damage on crits against minions/monsters. Not expecting the power from that to be too high, it does help both to give marksmen a bit of epic monster objective power back and improve satisfaction of a common basic action (AAing minions)
  • Not a crit item change, but a related one is that we’re also increasing the cost of starting support items by 50g to reduce the number of pots a support brings with them to lane. We’re doing that because we’re seeing supports able to pressure non supports too hard early game due to the larger health pool they’ve got access to. Supports with inherent sustain and/or protective abilities (generally tanks and enchanters) are the ones we expect to be least affected by that change, given pots represent a smaller proportion of their available health.

Riot’s strategy, while it may not look like much on the outside, is actually quite smart. Instead of just throwing a bunch of changes directly involving a variety items, they’re targeting small changes. The change that I think will effect the game the most in a positive way is the 50g increase. Having supports rely on their skill rather than the thought that they can just heal up is an excellent idea. Perhaps Riot thinks the crit items are already in a healthy state and a small tweak to the support role will slowly cause a change in the bot lane.

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