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G2 Esports’ Luka “Perkz” Perković and Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski are both about to break the 1,000 LEC kills mark by the end of the Summer Split, LEC caster Andy “Vedius” Day pointed out. The two players are realistically within range of the achievement, with Jankos being at 989 kills and Perkz standing at 987.

It is a given that Perkz and Jankos will break the 1,000 mark, but the question is whether they can do it before the split is over. G2 qualified for the LEC Summer Finals by beating Fnatic 3-2 in the semifinals and so have only one best-of-5 left to complete the achievement.

While Perkz himself joked that G2 “might have to make it 5 games again just so both of us can reach this milestone”, they might do it in a 3-0 sweep anyway. During the Summer Split, Jankos scored an average of 4.06 kills per game to Perkz’s 5.06. If they keep the same pace, Jankos and Perks will score 12 and 15 kills respectively over three games — just enough for both of them to hit the 1,000.

While the achievement is impressive, both are still far behind the kill leader of the league, Martin “Rekkles” Larsson, who scored his 1,500th kill in July.

G2 Esports are one of the most aggressive teams in the LEC so high kill counts are expected this Sunday at the LEC Finals. G2 will play the winner of Fnatic and Schalke 04, who will duke it out on Saturday to decide the second finalist. G2 are also a lock for Worlds 2019 already, while the other two LEC spots for the tournament are wide open still.

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