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After a week off, Riot Games come back from their holidays with some new changes for their most famous game, League of Legends, in the last version of it: Patch 10.17.

Like always, Riot’s Lead Gameplay Designer Mark Yetter brings us the Patch notes, this time shorter than usual after the big changes brought by the last version, Patch 10.16, where 24 Champions were modified.

Nerfed Champs:

The first name on the nerfs list is probably the AD champ that needed it the most: Caitlyn, who is being permanently picked or banned in the highest competitive levels, probably the best carry of the moment and one with the biggest damage and shooting range in the late game… but only her Movement Speed is being nerfed (and not much) from 330 to 325.

Lately, we have also seen Lux back in top-level tournaments like Chinese LPL, and Riot Games don’t want her to be too strong as Support. Lux’s ‘W‘ will be nerfed. The shield it provides will change from 50-150 (+30% AP) to 40-125 (+35%AP); its mana cost will increase in the late levels, from 60 to 60-80; and the extra shield at edge bug will be fixed.

Another nerf for the bot lane will be received by Sona, whose ‘QAP ratio will decrease from 50 to 40%. Her ‘Emovement speed AP Ratio for herself and her allies will also be reduced from 3% to 2% per 100 AP.

Patch 10.16 buffed Evelynn in order to make this Champ able to lane flex. Nevertheless, with 10.17, Agony’s Embrace will receive a nerf on her ‘Qbase damage, which will be reduced from 30-50 to 25-45.

Hecarim‘s ‘Emovement speed will be reduced from 25-100% to 25-85% over 3 seconds, and for some reason, Qiyana appears in the nerfs list too, with her ‘Won hit damage AD ratio reduced from 20% to 10%, and her ‘E‘ base damage will decrease from 60-200 to 60-180.

Finally, and not surprisingly, Yone is the last to be nerfed. This is the first nerf that the newest League of Legends Champion receives. A well deserved nerf to his ‘Qbase damage, which will be reduced from 20-120 to 20-100. Also, his ‘R‘ will no longer lifesteal.

LoL presenta el nuevo Champ Yone: habilidades, fecha de ...

Buffed Champs:

The buffs list is a bit shorter and focuses mainly in the bot lane, where some AD Carries will maybe become more common to see after the Patch 10.17 release next Wednesday.

Varusattack speed per level will be increased from 3 to 3.75%, which means that the Champ will be very strong in the late game again. The same thing will happen with one of the most forgotten bot laners: Xayah, whose AD per level will be increased from 2.9 to 3.5%.

But the biggest buff for an AD Carry goes to Kai’Sa, whose AD per level will increase from 1.7 to 2, while her ‘Eattack speed will increase in the latest levels, from 40-60 to 40-80%.

We will have to wait to see if any of these Champs can dethrone Caitlyn, but in the meantime, let’s talk about an always-strong-champ that will be stronger after the new Patch: Aatrox, whose ‘Rbonus AD will increase from 20-30 to 20-40%.

And last but not least, Gragas will receive a small buff on his Armor, which changes from 35 to 38.

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