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Rift Rivals 2019 is in the books and the LCK walked away with its first international victory since Worlds 2017.

As opposed to the LEC vs. LCS face-off, the eastern Rift Rivals was far from a light-hearted showmatch. With lots of national pride on the line and a rivalry that’s been going on since the old days, Korea and China threw all they had in the pursuit of victory. It was a clash of playstyles between the aggressive LPL and the more composed, macro-oriented LCK.

In his latest VOD review episode, LCK caster Christopher “PapaSmithy” Smith takes a look at the battle between two of the most blood-thirsty teams on either side: Kingzone DragonX and Invictus Gaming. The two met in the opening game of the best-of-5 grand final and played one of the best games in the entire tournament.

As usual, the VOD review is education and entirely worth it if you want to understand the inner mechanics of LoL esports. Set aside an hour and learn from one of the most experienced analysts there is.

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