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Pantheon has been on the (re)drawing board for Riot Games and he’s set to make a glorious, spear-thrusting, in-the-sky-leaping return to the Rift. Thus far, little information was known about the new Pantheon, besides a champion theme video and some artwork. But today, we get to see what his new skills do and look like.

Leaked through a client and made public on Reddit, a screenshot shows Pantheon’s three new and two adjusted abilities.

Passive — Mortal Will (new)

Mortal Will shifts Pantheon to a more aggressive style. Before, Aegis of Protection (his old passive) just gave him a boring aegis that just blocked one attack. Now, after five basic attacks or ability, the next basic ability is empowered.

Q — Comet Spear (new)

The new Q has two uses. Pantheon can either tap it to strike in a direction and damage all enemies in the line; or hold to hurl the spear a longer distance. When empowered, Q deals more damage and slows.

This looks to be the primary trade skill for top Pantheons.

W — Shield Vault (reworked)

Shield Vault is a version of the old Aegis of Zeonia. It does more or less the same thing: Pantheon jumps to a target, strikes them and stuns them. When empowered, the next basic attack after the jump strikes thrice.

E — Aegis Assault (new)

Aegis Assault takes an element of the old Heartseeker Strike: the mad spear poke, but adds a defensive element to it and it’s no longer stationary. During Aegis Assault, Pantheon can move and creates a shield that makes him invulnerable to damage crashing into the shield. It will be the tool to block Syndra or Ashe ultimates and the like. When empowered, it just lasts longer.

R — Grand Starfall (reworked)

Of course, Pantheon wouldn’t be Pantheon without him dropping on your head. Now, upon landing, Pantheon will also travel a short distance, damaging everything in his path, and also filling up Mortal Will stacks so his next ability is automatically empowered.

Pantheon’s new tool kit seems to make him more durable and push him towards a more bruiser role. (E) is a great way to soak damage while gaining ground, and it can be a great chasing mechanism to follow up after a (W) jump. There is no more Certain Death passive, so he won’t be extra efficient against low-health targets, but maybe he’ll stay in the fight longer (yet to see his base stats).

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