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It’s no surprise that the state of ADC’s has been one of the hottest topics as of late. Riot Games has done a great job in being transparent with one of League of Legends and Meddler, the Lead Gameplay Designer for League has been a major part of that. On his recent Quick Gameplay Thoughts, Meddler touched not only on ADC’s but also the state of crit items directly pertaining to the bot lane.

“As you’ve probably seen we’re trying some crit item balance changes on the PBE at the moment, aiming to have something in 8.15. We’ll talk about that work in some more detail later sometime in the next few days,” said Meddler. However, Meddler did provide fans with three points as to what the main objectives of the changes will be.

  1. Shift some crit marksman power from late game to earlier in the game so that they get to switch on earlier (cheaper items and potentially easier build paths, slightly lower stats as a result)
  2. Drop Zeal items to 25% crit to get rid of bad feels around overcapping crit with IE
  3. Improve how IE crits feel (floating combat text work at least, maybe some mechanics changes too)

“Overall we’re particularly focused on satisfaction with this round of changes, targeting things that make playing crit ADCs feel poor, not just looking at power. Likely there’ll be some further small adjustments early next week too.”

Meddler didn’t stop there. He also added, “Once we know exactly what we’re doing with crit items we can look at any individual champs who’ll then be left too strong or weak as a result. Possible that’s a pre-emptive thing with the item changes, more likely it’s once we see how they’re impacted when the patch goes out.” When you look deeper at this statement, it really means that Riot is focused on helping ADC’s first and then figuring out what these item changes will do to other champs such as top laners or junglers.

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