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Friday was an important day for LoL organization Victory 5: it was their first ever day in the LPL. And for their first test, they faced a domestic veteran: Demacia Cup runner-up TOP.

TOP had already been dealt a loss by Invictus Gaming on the first day of the season in a rematch from the Demacia Cup finals. The team looked vulnerable, and it was entirely possible for the V5 rookies to come on top. And the start of the series teased this very outcome.

Game 1: V5 lead 1-0

The game being V5 debut and TOP being down 0-1 right at the start, the two teams played it carefully. About a dozen kills in total showed on the scoreboard by the 30-minute mark, a very non-LPL trend in general. Gold numbers were even too and for the longest time, nobody was sure who would come on top.

That was until TOP made a critical mistake. Caught out of position, Ben’s Rakan was sniped in seconds, giving V5 a man advantage and opening Baron. It was past the 33-minute mark, and V5 Ryze scaling comp was firing on all cylinders already so TOP couldn’t realistically contest Baron without taking heavy losses. Not that they didn’t try, but with the buff under their feet, V5 won their first ever LPL game, just like that.

Game 2: Series tied 1-1

Shocked by the loss — and probably a tad mad at themselves — TOP came out stronger in game 2. The veterans’ experience showed in team fights and at the 18th minute, TOP scored their first ace.

Despite the disadvantage, V5 held their ground until a reverse deja vu from game 1 occurred. TOP found V5’s support unprepared, sniped him down, rotated to Baron and laid siege on the V5 base.

At that point, it was a matter of time before the series was tied, but not before V5 showed they had one more fight in them. An one-shot on the 10-stack Mejai Zoe gave the rookies the opening they needed to stall TOP’s offense by acing them. With two inhibitors down, however, it was an exercise in futility. Once TOP returned, the game was theirs.

Game 3: TOP win 2-1

One flaw in TOP’s line-up in both previous games was their lackluster botlane as Lee “LokeN” Dong-wook and Nam “Ben” Dong-hyun just couldn’t find their rhythm. By game 3, however, they had fully woken up, making the final game in the series a walk in the park for TOP.

The Korean duo opened with two early kills bot and by minute 10, top were leading by 3k gold. And this time, there were no positioning  mistakes to screw it all up. TOP rode their gold lead to the very end, closing the series 2-1 in a very matter-fact-way that left little interesting to write about.

TOP will now go on a week-long break until their match against OMG next Saturday. The same goes for V5, who will once again have only one match next week as they face Bilibili Gaming next Friday.

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