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This year’s ‘Free Agency’ period brought some of the most important player movements in the European League of Legends’ history, with signature players leaving the teams that saw them grow and become what they are nowadays, and many rookies joining veterans to create innovative rosters heading the 2021 LEC Season.

With 2020 coming to its end (finally), we have gathered all the information about the final rosters and the confirmed competition days so you don’t miss any detail and start the upcoming year prepared.


Origen dice adiós y Astralis ingresará a la LEC » Hero Network
  • Top: WhiteKnight
  • Jungle: Zanzarah
  • Mid: Nukeduck
  • ADC: Jeskla
  • Support: PromisQ

After the rebranding of the team from Origen, Astralis faces 2021 with a brand new roster where only Nukeduck remains from the former composition. WhiteKnight comes from the German scene, after playing with BIG, and ahead he has the important duty of replacing one of the best top laners in Europe’s history: Alphari, who has left the organization and the continent to join Team Liquid in the North American LCS.

Same as the toplaner, Zanzarah comes to Astralis’ jungler position from a minor league, after a very good 2020 with AGO Rogue, and comes to the LEC replacing Xerxe, who also crossed the ocean to join Immortals in the LCS.

In the bot lane, Jeskla and PromisQ, the Swedish duo, will cover the positions left by Upset and Destiny/Jactroll, who have joined Fnatic (Upset) Misfits Premier (Jactroll), and Immortals (Destiny).

Excel Esports

  • Top: Kryze
  • Jungle: Dan
  • Mid: Czekolad
  • ADC: Patrik
  • Support: Tore

After a pretty poor 2020, the british organization maintains most of its roster.

Due to the departure of Caedrel, who has retired from competitive League of Legends, Dan comes from Fnatic Rising to take the jungler position, while Czekolad will debut in the LEC in substitution of Special in the mid lane.


Fnatic - Leading Esports Performance
  • Top: Bwipo
  • Jungle: Selfmade
  • Mid: Nisqy
  • ADC: Upset
  • Support: Hylissang

Despite Fnatic has only suffered two changes, the legendary team will no longer be the same after its signature player, Rekkles, decided to part ways and start a new path. To replace the legend, Upset comes from the extinguished Origen, while Nisqy has changed Cloud9 to fulfill the empty spot left by Nemesis.

G2 Esports

G2 se expande con un equipo de Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Movistar eSports
  • Top: Wunder
  • Jungle: Jankos
  • Mid: Caps
  • ADC: Rekkles
  • Support: Mikyx

The European Champions have only suffered one change amongst their players, but the names that this change affects to are too big to be ignored.

After winning (almost) everything with the ninjas, Perkz has left the team to join Cloud 9 in the North American LCS, and his replacement is not a less important name. It is Rekkles himself who has decided to join forces with his biggest rival in the last few years!

MAD Lions

MAD Lions arranca su aventura en LEC, la bootcamp en Berlín
  • Top: Armut
  • Jungle: Elyoya
  • Mid: Humanoid
  • ADC: Carzzy
  • Supp: Kaiser

Despite having one of the best debuts in Europe’s history, the Spanish organization is reinforced for the next season with changes in the top lane and the jungle.

After an astonishing performance at the 2020 World Championship with SuperMassive, Armut will debut with the lions in substitution of Orome, who has joined BT Excel.

In the jungle, Elyoya will replace Shadow after an amazing year with Movistar Riders in the Spanish national competition.

Misfits Gaming

Misfits Gaming en Twitter: "New year, new logo 👀… "
  • Top: Agresivoo/HiRit
  • Jungle: Razork
  • Mid: Vetheo
  • ADC: Kobbe
  • Support: Denyk/Vander

The crazy rabbits have made important roster changes to achieve better results in the upcoming year. First, Agresivoo and HiRit left the Misfits Academy team and 1907 Fenerbache respectively to compete for the top lane position in the LEC roster in substitution of Dan Dan.

After parting ways with Febiven, Misfits acquired the services of Vetheo for the mid lane, after the player showed a great performance in the French league with LDLC.

In the bot lane, Doss abandoned the main roster and left a spot that has been covered by a veteran of the scene: Vander, who will share the Support position with Denyk.


Rogue adds iBo to Ultraliga team, moves Finn up to LEC roster - | Rogues, League  of legends, Finn
  • Top: Odoamne
  • Jungle: Inspired
  • Mid: Larssen
  • ADC: Hans Sama
  • Support: Trymbi

After a very good 2020, Rogue seeks a new year of success with the acquisition of Odoamne, who will take Finn’s position in the top lane while the former top laner has joined forces with CLG in the LCS.

As we have previously seen, Vander will no longer continue with Rogue and joins Misfits, which has made Trymbi the new main Support for the organization after he showed a great performance with the Academy team.

Schalke 04

Schalke Logo Fondo de pantalla HD | Fondo de Escritorio | 2400x1598 |  ID:970280 - Wallpaper Abyss
  • Top: BrokenBlade
  • Jungle: Gilius
  • Mid: Abbedagge
  • ADC: Neon
  • Support: LIMIT

As mentioned before, Odoamne has joined Rogue, which has allowed the acquisition of BrokenBlade, coming from TSM, for the German team’s top lane.

LIMIT comes from SK Gaming to replace Dreams, who has joined FlyQuest in the LCS, but the rest of the main roster remains the same, which is deserved by the players after performing the miracle run that amazed the community at the end of the last LEC Summer Split.

SK Gaming

SK Gaming: un plantel que no ilusiona - Esportmaníacos
  • Top: Jenax
  • Jungle: TynX
  • Mid: Blue
  • ADC: Jezu
  • Support: Treatz

SK Gaming has changed most of its main roster with acquisitions of every kind. In the first place, TynX (from LDLC) will be in charge of the jungler position in substitution of Trick. Blue, coming from Fenerbache will replace Zazee, who has been demoted to the academy team.

Finally, the bot lane will be composed of Jezu, coming from Misfits Premier, and Treatz, former support for TSM in the LCS. Both are to replace Crownshot and LIMIT.

Team Vitality

Made a wallpaper for all the Vitality fans out there. : GlobalOffensive
  • Top: Szygenda
  • Jungle: Skeanz
  • Mid: Milica
  • ADC: Comp
  • Support: Labrov

Team Vitality has suffered this year the loss of its signature player, Cabochard, whose position has been filled by Szygenda, a player coming from AGO Rogue.

The rest of the roster remains the same, despite Nji will no longer continue with the bees.

These are the confirmed rosters for the 2021 LEC Season, which will begin the upcoming January 22nd!

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