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SK Telecom T1 saw little trouble 3-0’ing Kingzone DragonX in the third round of LCK playoffs. This moves SKT to the league’s grand final and sets up a highly anticipated match against Griffin.

KZ were outplayed in all three games of the series, showing major flaws in their drafting and line-up execution. In games 1 and 2, KZ went for winning lanes but couldn’t get ahead enough in the early game. Despite their gold lead disadvantage, SKT were able to wait out KZ’s line-up and punish it by hitting their item timings perfectly.

To their credit, KZ tried to throw SKT some curve balls, including a Vi pick by Moon “Cuzz” Woo-chan in game 1 to supplement the triple-carry Akali/Corki/Sivir composition, but the choice was punished hard and Cuzz left little impact on the field. Even more standard compositions of KZ failed as they also showed inability to properly contest Baron: their attempts were either deterred/delayed or straight up foiled and stolen by Park “Teddy” Jin-seong’s Varus.

Down 0-2, Kingzone spiced it up with a full scaling Azir/Sivir composition but they kept picking up weird team fights way before the peak strength of their line-up. For the assassin-heavy line-up for SKT, this came as a present and Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok and co. easily secured the 3-0.

LCK Grand Final: SKT vs. Griffin

On Saturday, Apr. 13, SKT will meet Griffin for the LCK trophy — the best possible match-up LCK fans can hope for. Record-wise, SKT and Griffin went neck-and-neck in the regular season, but both direct confrontations went Griffin’s way. Even so, their second meeting was perhaps the most high-octane match of the entire regular season, with Griffin barely snatching the victory through some creative backdoor play.

Out of their five encounters, Griffin have also won four — all most recent ones. In those four series, Griffin’s map score is 8-1, making them all the more favored in the LCK grand final. The two teams, however, have never played each other in best-of-5 and SKT has a long history of surviving bad odds in longer series.

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