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DAMWON Gaming won the first round of the LCK Spring Split playoffs, eliminating SANDBOX gaming 2-1. DWG now move on to face Kingzone DragonX on Friday, Apr. 5 for the opportunity to play SK Telecom in the penultimate round.

DWG played a textbook LCK League of Legends in Game 1, prioritizing objectives over kills. While SB had the better team fight engages, DWG made great use of Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon’s Ryze to move around the map and secure key targets. DWG got every single dragon throughout the game and a couple of timely Realm Warps allowed DWG to sneak two Barons under SB’s nose. The turning point was an Elder Dragon kill on top of triple mountain drake for DWG, at which point SB’s base just melted.

SB retaliated in Game 2, with Jang “Ghost” Yong-jun’s Kalista winning him the MVP award. While Sin “Nuclear” Jeong-hyeon’s Vayne was rapidly approaching the turning point of being a late-game monster, SB pressed their advantage and ended the game at minute 30, just before Vayne could start being a serious problem.

If Games 1 and 2 were relatively contested, DWG were in control all the way through in Game 3. Nuguri was once again on Ryze and a triple kill for him in the first major team fight onset the snowballing effect for DWG. SB lost another team fight at drake next, which opened an uncontested Baron for DWG, ending with their base in shambles.

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DWG’s next match will be a serious test against Kingzone. DWG lost both best-of-3 encounters against KZ in the regular season but LCK will be best-of-5 from now on, giving DWG more time to recover from a game disadvantage. At the same time, being a rookie team, DWG still largely lack best-of-5 experience on this level and the experience advantage remains with KZ.

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