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Earlier today JD Gaming, one of the strongest teams in the Chinese LPL, has made an important announcement: their Head Coach, Yoon “Homme” Sung-young is leaving the team.

In his long career, that started in 2012 with MVP White, where he played as top laner, Homme has tried fortune in several teams. He changed the top lane for the suit and the notebook back in 2014 when he transitioned from substitute player to coach of the legendary team Samsung White.

From that moment, Homme has been working as a Coach for different organizations. JD Gaming has been his home since May 2018 and during these two years and a half, he has achieved great success.

This year, his last year as a member of JD Gaming, Homme led his team to get the first position and win the LPL Spring Split, taking the trophy from Top Esports’ hands in an insane series in the Spring Playoffs Finals, that ended 3-2.

Almost the same story happened in Summer, where JD Gaming reached the big finals again to face Top Esports one more time, but despite the score was the same, it was Homme’s team that got defeated.

With the first and the second position in both Spring and Summer Split respectively, JD Gaming qualified for the 2020 World Championship as the second seed of their region.

Worlds didn’t go so well. Suning, the LPL third seed, defeated them in the Quarter-Finals, and JD Gaming was settled in the top 8 teams of the world.

Maybe that is one of the reasons why Homme is parting ways with JD Gaming… or maybe not. The former Head Coach had not said anything about his future, but we hope to see him back in action soon.

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