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Today we celebrated the last day of the Groups Stage at Worlds 2020. Group D was the only group to be resolved, and Top Esports, DRX, FlyQuest, and Unicorns of Love had their games to fill the last two spots in the Quarter-Finals before the draw for it was done at the end of the day.

The first game, that matched DRX and FlyQuest, was crucial for the North American representative. They needed to win to have chances to compete for the second position of the group.

But that second position was very well defended. DRX did not allow them to take the victory and beat the only LCS representative left. With that, FlyQuest said goodbye to the championship.

In the second game, Top Esports and Unicorns of Love faced each other…. or at least the Unicorns tried.

The game was absolutely unbalanced. The Chinese first seed was merciless with the Russians and hardly stomped them. From that moment, Group D was already resolved, and we had the names of the last two teams to qualify for the Quarter-Finals, and two more teams going back home.

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DRX won game three against Unicorns of love, which allowed them to keep having chances to qualify as firsts of the group, and FlyQuest helped them with this task ingame four, where they defeated Top Esports in a crazy game.

Game five gave the North Americans a bit of more honor after winning Unicorns of Love, but all eyes were set in the last game of the day: DRX vs Top Esports, in the fight for the first position in the Group.

This fight was won by the Chinese representative, after a very weird game where the first blood didn’t come before 22 minutes.

Once we knew all the teams qualified for Quarter-Finals and their positions, it was time to have the groups draw for the next phase.

These will be the matches we will have, which will start again next Thursday. Check the schedules here!

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