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G2 Esports are the last team to advance to the 2019 League of Legends World Championship semifinals after a 3-1 victory over DAMWON Gaming. The “samurai” have now earned an MSI semifinal rematch against SK Telecom T1, which is shaping up as a final-before-the-final type of series.

Despite the scoreline, it wasn’t a clean series for G2 Esports. G2 took the lead thanks to a clean Syndra by Rasmus “Caps” Winther, which clapped Heo “Showmaker” Su’s LeBlanc, but DAMWON’s response was quick. G2 maintained their strat of pressuring a greedy, Kleptomantic Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon, but the AoE wombo-combo of Kennen, Leona and Ryze pretty much sealed the deal for DWG, as they won every single 5v5 engagement that game.

In Game 3, G2 switched their strategy. Picking an off-meta champion in Yorick for the top lane, they left Martin “Wunder” Hanssen on an island and focused their attention on the bottom lane, where a struggling Sin “Nuclear” Jeong-hyeon had picked Yasuo. One tower dive and one gank later, Nuclear sat at 0/2, with his bot lane opponent comfortably in the lead on Kai’sa. DWG’s bot lane remained kill-less for the entire game and despite ShowMaker’s best efforts on Corki, G2 amassed larger and larger gold lead from the 15th minute on, most of which went to Luka “PerkZ” Perkovic’s Kai’sa.

Game 4 ended up the most contested in the series. Strong early game from G2 put them on 7-2 scoreboard at 10 minutes, but for the next 15, DAMWON Gaming valiantly defended their base, even against triple Dragon plus Baron play from G2.

Yet again, though, Nuguri was the man in trouble. The majority of the action happened in the top lane, where both Nuguri and Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu ended up giving away early deaths. Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski was once again the MVP of the game, running a perfect Gragas that led G2 to the victory screen at 30 minutes.

By advancing to the semifinals, G2 remain the only alive LEC team in the World Championship, with Splyce and Fnatic already out. The upcoming best-of-5 against SKT will also give them the chance to once again take the Korean champions in a high-stakes series and get G2 one step closer to completing the Golden road: winning all domestic and international titles in one year.

Worlds 2019 continues next weekend.

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