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Today, G-Rex announced their roster for the 2019 season featuring a mix of returning players and brand new additions. Hsieh “PK” Yu-Ting, Oh “Raise” Ji-hwan, and Yang “Wuji” Chia-Yu will return from the 2018 lineup while Wu “Epic” Chun-Hin, Qiu “Bruce” Zhi-Zhen, Sung “Atlen” Ya-Lun, and Yin “Eason” Yi-Shen join for 2019. G-Rex have also transitioned Anson “Empt2y” Leung from starting jungler to a support staff role for the 2019 season.

Top laner PK is the star of G-Rex. He was awarded the LMS MVP in the 2018 Spring Split.

Jungler Epic joins from the now-dissolved Afro Gaming as one of the best available native junglers, performing well on both Wayi Spider and Afro in the past. Complementing him is Korean jungler Raise, who aided in G-Rex’s Summer playoff and Worlds qualification before sitting out the World Championship. Raise has previously spent time on Roccat, Jin Air Greenwings, and Kongdoo Monster as both a support and jungler.

Bruce and Atlen join G-Rex as untested, new AD carry talents in the LoL Masters Series. Bruce has participated in amateur Taiwanese tournaments while Atlen has served as a trainee for both Flash Wolves and ahq e-Sports Club the last two years. Neither player has any prior competitive experience at the LMS or Challenger Series level. Joining them in the bot lane is Machi Academy support Eason, who played a significant role in Machi’s dominance of the Elite Challenger Series. As a professional player, he has also not competed at the highest level, but is well-regarded as an in-game leader.

G-Rex qualified for the 2018 world championship as the LMS’s 3rd seed, qualifying for the Group Stage before going 0-6 in Group D. G-Rex made it to the 2018 LMS Spring finals, but fizzled in Summer before eventually qualifying for Worlds in the regional qualifier. After losing mid laner Kim “Candy” Seung-ju and AD carry Lee “Stitch” Seung-ju, G-rex have opted for solid native replacements in addition to raw upgrades at the jungle position.

After muscling their way into Worlds qualification last year, G-Rex have retained their most important player, PK, while also re-signing Wuji to provide a stable presence in the mid lane. Given the overall experience of their acquired talent, it is unlikely that G-Rex will challenge the top of the LMS at the start of 2019. Epic stands out as G-Rex’s best offseason signing, but he is joined by three rookies that will need time to develop at the highest level.

G-Rex’s 2019 roster is as follows: 

Top laner, PK

Jungler, Epic

Jungler, Raise

Mid laner, Wuji

AD carry, Atlen

AD carry, Bruce

Support, Eason

ahq e-Sports Club announce 2019 lineup featuring Korean imports

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