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After a long journey, and a near-miss in the Spring Split, FunPlus Phoenix finally raised a domestic title, winning the LPL Summer Split with 3-1 over Royal Never Give Up. FPX thus lock their #1 seed for Worlds and look towards their first international appearance.

After the win, caught up with FPX’s top laner Kim “GimGoon” Han-saem to talk about the victory and the upcoming Worlds campaign.

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Who do you want to share this joy with after you win today?

With Doinb, because he’s played really hard in the LPL but never won a championship before. I want to congratulate him on going to Worlds this year and winning his first championship.

Did you contact your parents after winning the finals? What did they say to you?

They just said “Congratulations, we can’t believe you won the championship. Good job.”

Compared to the Spring Split, what progress do you think your team made?

We didn’t lose confidence. We all worked hard to play scrims and matches.

Who has made the most progress mentality-wise on your team?


Who do you think was the “Big Daddy” of the team today?

We all played pretty well today, but I’m still the “Big Daddy” because I’m older.

Now that you have won the LPL championship, are you confident to compete with the strong teams from other regions at Worlds?

We just won the LPL championship, but at Worlds we’d have to play against the top tier teams in other regions, we can’t be too relaxed. We still have to be well prepared.

Last year, IG won Worlds for LPL. Will there be any pressure to represent LPL at Worlds as the first seed?

There’s no pressure on me, but I don’t know how my teammates feel. Because I haven’t started training yet, I don’t feel much pressure.

Doinb’s goal is to reach top four at Worlds. What’s your goal?

My goal is to win the championship. But maybe my goal is pretty ideal and his is a more realistic one.

Your coach cried with excitement after you won the finals. What do you want to say to him?

Coach, this year is not over yet, but thanks for your hard work this season. And please work harder for Worlds. [laughs]

Fans are very happy that you won the championship today, and they are looking forward to your performance in the Worlds. What do you want to say to them?

We’ll do our best. And we won’t let you down.

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