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Kingzone DragonX AD Carry Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu reached an important personal milestone today, as he scored his 1000th kill in the LCK. He achieved the record in a game against his former teammates of KT Rolster in yet another 2-0 win for Kingzone.

After a bad start to the LCK season, losing two 0-2’s in a row, KZ have found in themselves the strength to rally. The team is on an 8-map win-streak and its place in the LCK playoffs is secured. KZ are now tied wins-wise with SK Telecom and SANDBOX (although the latter two are a match behind) and two wins away from league leaders Griffin, whom they will play in their last league match next week.

With KZ’s rise, Deft now ranks in the top 5 players in his position across all categories, including KDA, GPM and Kill Participation. He’s the second-best ADC in the league win-rate-wise, below only Griffin’s Park “Viper” Do-hyeon.

And while KZ only have to worry about their playoffs seeding from now on, it’s darkest of times for KT Rolster, who are on the way to record the worst result in franchise history. Three matches before the end of the regular season, KT rank #9 at 3-12, which is in relegation range. The little hope KT have for escaping it is that their remaining opponents aren’t really the best in the league. This week, KT play LCK last place Jin Air Green Wings, followed by matches versus Hanwha Life and DAMWON Gaming in week 10.

Their future will also depend in how Gen.G and Afreeca Freecs perform in their coming watches, as these two are the only other teams besides KT whose fate is uncertain.

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