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The big day just happened. Suning and DAMWON Gaming have faced each other in the big finals of the 2020 League of Legends World Championship, giving an incredible end to the most atypical edition of the greatest international tournament.

The finals, that started with an insane Opening Ceremony, have been the most even finals we have had in a very long while.

The first Korean seed and the third Chinese seed began a series that had a clear favorite: the LCK representative. But it was clear that the lions came to fight.

Game 1:

In the first game, Suning made their statement clear by taking the lead with the first blood of the series, starting them with a very strong and aggressive performance.

Nevertheless, DAMWON Gaming came back and turned the game around, taking every Elemental Drake that appeared.

This was not enough to kill the lions, who bravely fought in every opportunity they had, but after trading a couple of Barons, the Korean team managed to take the Elder Dragon, which prevented Suning from fighting this time.

Despite the LPL representative managed to hold steady, DAMWON’ siege was too strong, and the LCK team got the first victory of the day.

Game 2:

Many people believed that, after the first defeat, Suning would sink and lose their motivation… but none of that.

Suning surprised everyone by picking Fiora top and Rengar jungle. During the first minutes of the game, DAMWON seemed to dominate, but it was the Chinese team this time who was taking every neutral objective all along the map.

We had tons of fights during the mid-game, all of them very even, with no clear favorite this time… until Suning took the Dragon Soul and the Baron Nashor.

After these two buffs, the lions were unstoppable. They destroyed everything and everyone on their way to the enemy base, but they had an extra surprise to delight the fans: Fiora, in Bin’s hands, got a Pentakill before her team put the global score even again (1-1).

Game 3:

With the Korean titan bleeding, the series continued with the third game of the day, without big surprises in the draft this time, but with an insane match.

DAMWON Gaming took the lead and most of the objectives in the early game and actually got the Dragon Soul very soon.

As always, Suning fought again and again, and they never fell behind in strength (they did in gold and objectives). They had such a powerful composition that they even managed to kill every enemy player, performing an Ace that led them to take the Baron Nashor.

With this situation, they could take the Elder Dragon too… but there are no buffs enough to take DAMWON Gaming down. The LCK representative managed to resist until the buffs disappeared and with impressive consistency, fought the lions, won the fight, took a new Nashor, and won the third game (2-1).

Game 4:

Matchpoint for DAMWON Gaming. Last opportunity for Suning to fight for the trophy.

The Korean team had enough, and they started the fourth game with more strength and proactiveness than ever.

They destroyed Sunin in the early game, and despite the lions managed to resist for a while, they needed a miracle to turn the game around.

They had their opportunity in the fight for the third Elemental Drake, but they didn’t take advantage of the play, and DAMWON started seeing the Summoner’s Cup closer than ever.

Thanks to amazingly consistent performance, with Canyon leading the team once again, DAMWON Gaming won the fourth game and became World Champions against a never-surrender Suning, that ended second qualified in their first adventure at Worlds.

Canyon won the MVP award of the Championship. The crown came back to Korea.

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