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Despite a slow start in the Play-In Group Stage, Clutch Gaming picked up pace, beat the Knockouts, and qualified for Worlds 2019 Main Event. The LCS third seed now has to survive the grueling group of death, which features SK Telecom, Fnatic, and Royal Never Give Up — tournament favorites all.

After their Knockout victory against Royal Youth, CG’s AD Carry Cody Sun sat with the Chinese media to discuss the match, his no-deaths playstyle, looking up to Rekkles, and more.

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Congrats on the the clean-sweep over your opponents. The team looks to be on a completely new level compared to how you played a few days ago. How did you manage to do that?

We wanted to bring our best for today’s matches. We were pretty worried and nervous in previous matches but today I think all of us played really well.

Your previous opponents really respected your team’s Rumble and would ban him most of the time, but today RYL let Rumble through twice. What do you think is the reason?

I think there were simply too many champions they needed to ban so they chose to let us have Rumble. Huni’s a very good Rumble player and we knew that we would win when he got Rumble.

You’ve toppled the stats chart of the play-in stage with a 10.8 KDA ratio, and you didn’t die even once in today’s series. What’s the secret?

When I was playing in NA, I barely died. I used to be really ballsy and play aggressively. But then I watched other players like Rekkles, who always tries to play perfectly and makes as few mistakes as possible. So I decided that I wanted to play like them. Although sometimes I would still play too aggressively in teamfights.

How would you describe your AD carry playstyle?

When I’m in the bottom lane, I want to send a message to my opponents: I’m strong and fierce, but at the same time, I won’t die.

In game 3, Huni picked top lane Ezreal. Did he discover this pick in pubs and decide that it’s actually a viable choice?

I think he has a bigger brain than other top laners. He always thinks about picking unorthodox champions, like Ezreal and Lucian. So in game 3 he was like I can play Ezreal in this game, so we just picked Ezreal for him and it worked well.

Having Ez as your top laner means your composition will be more fragile. Did that make high ground siege more difficult for you guys?

Huni loves picking marksman champions on top lane, so most of the time we won’t have tanks in our composition, which makes the game a bit more difficult. But it’s also sort of our style, we’ve been playing like this and it feels comfortable.

You mentioned Hini loves playing Ezreal and Lucian. Between you and Huni, whose Ezreal and Lucian are better?

Maybe mine. Oftentimes he would trade his own life for kills, normally that doesn’t happen to me.

In today’s series, RYL picked Blitzcrank, whose Q just got buffed with increased distance. How did it feel playing against Blitzcrank during the laning stage?

Yeah, Blitzcrank is pretty scary but I feel I can just play safe and slow, everything will be fine as long as I don’t feed kills,

You have LOTS of fans from LPL, people adore you and your Chinese accent, is theer anything you want to say to them?

Thanks everyone, please keep supporting me. I don’t know many Chinese vocabularies but I love speaking Chinese and I think my Chinese is pretty good. Thanks again.

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