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This weekend, the 2019 League of Legends World Championship finals concluded. G2 Esports and FunPlus Phoenix advanced, setting up yet another Europe vs. China match.

In the aftermath, LoL fans took to social media to express their thoughts on the games, and China’s Weibo hub was more active than ever. From reactions to the all-China semifinal between FunPlus Phoenix and Invictus Gaming to showing support of the aging god Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, the Weibo sphere was booming.

Reactions to iG vs. FPX

The iG/FPX semifinal was bittersweet for the Chinese community. On one hand, it guaranteed the LPL a spot in the grand finals. On the other, one of these teams had to pay with their life for it. On Saturday, that was iG.

iG official Weibo: The first Worlds 2019 semifinal ended today, and in the end IG lost to FPX 1:3. There were a lot of expectations from us, and we are sorry that we can’t continue our story this time. Although we didn’t make it to the finals, this won’t stop us from progress. Invictus Gaming, never give up and come back next year! Finally, congratulations to the little phoenix @FPX Esports on qualifying for the Finals. Phoenix Fly, go LPL!

Despite the loss, the community has been supportive of the 2018 world champions.

“‘I’ll reach for the moon, but if it fails, I’ll still be among the stars.’ Although you didn’t make it to the Finals, this will not be an end. See you in future games!”

“Never give up. See you next year! We’ll always be with you”

The past 6 months have been difficult for IG. It was not easy for them to get here. They were not in a state as good as FPX, but they did their best. Keep up the good work next year!

Community reactions to FPX’s victory

Jackeylove: Worlds 2019 has ended for us this year. Wish FPX do well in the finals. See you next year, bros! [heart]

Rookie: Congratulations to FPX on qualifying for the Finals. Hope they get the championship this year. We’ll keep up next year. Hope I get more stable.

Wang Sicong, owner of IG: It’s a pity for IG. They were not in a good state this year. Meanwhile, congratulations to FPX! Go for the Final! Win another championship for the LPL!

Tian meme: Gotta figure out a way to show the world show’s the big daddy.

China reacts to SKT’s elimination

LPL caster Guan Zeyuan: The God is getting old. It really touched me when his hand shook.

Caster and former jungler from EDward Gaming Zhao “Fireloli” Zhi-Ming: My youth is over. Good bye, god.

When you lose, everything you say sounds like an excuse. [famous Faker quote — Ed. note]

Actually, SKT didn’t do really well at Worlds 2019 and Faker also made a lot of mistakes. Caps is equally good as Faker in mid, while Perkz is stronger than Teddy at bot.

Praises for PerkZ and G2 memes

Perkz Quadra Kill. Today, he’s not Perkz. He’s Crazy Perkz!

“Let me send you home!”

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