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If you think Fortnite has too many weapons as it is – you might want to look away. Fortnite looks set to introduce their latest weapon, the Bullpup Burst (think: FAMAS). If the gun is anything like what it’s modeled after, it’ll be a three-burst rifle that has a (very) fast rate of fire. Remember Call of Duty? Remember how the FAMAS shot there? It’ll most likely be the same thing.

When you load up Fortnite, you’ll see the image below that confirms the arrival of the Bullpup Burst.

Photo: Fortnite Insider

The new weapon has also appeared on Fortnite Tracker. (In case you don’t know – Fortnite Tracker is a website that does exactly what its name says. It tracks your Fortnite stats. From match results to your KDA).

Photo: Fortnite Tracker

As you can see from the photo above, at first glance there’s not much of a damage difference between the two. But think about it. You have to multiply these numbers by three. (We’ll go with three right now until it’s confirmed how many bullets are in a burst). That means a trio of headshots will shred through an average player with 100 health, 100 shield. If you can’t get that epic combo off, maybe you’ll land two body shots and a head shot, shredding someone with 100 health.

Epic also teased fans with their wordplay, using the word “BURST” when talking about the upcoming patch.

Unfortunately, it looks like Fortnite players will have to wait a little longer for the new weapon. Epic announced a delay for their latest patch.

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