No matches
Photo by: Riot Games

Chaifetz Arena in St. Louis will be the home to the 2019 NA LCS Spring Finals, happening on Apr. 13.

You’re reading this correctly: there will be only one day of stage matches, as Riot Games are removing the 3rd-4th place final. The reason they give is that there’s just too little interest in a match that’s not for the title.

“While there’s certainly been some great moments in 3rd/4th place matches of year past, it’s also provided some underwhelming matchups and diminished fan interest due to the lower stakes,” Riot explain.

Riot expect Chaifetz Arena to host close to 8,500 live attendees, with tickets going out for sale Feb. 25.

As for NA LCS itself, the League just finished its first weekend and the early favorites are in. Back-to-back reigning champions Team Liquid are undefeated, as many expected, and are in the company of Clutch Gaming and FlyQuest. 100 Thieves, CLG and Golden Guardians hold the bottom three spots at 0-2 scores, but there are eight more weeks for comebacks to occur.

If they make it to the finals, Liquid will fight to become the second most titled team in the region, currently tied for second with Cloud9 and CLG. TSM remain the undisputed leaders of the NA LCS trophies-wise with six titles out of 10 grand finals.

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