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MAD Team came into the World Championship as one of the lowest ranked teams due to being an unknown team from the LMS. In their first game against EDward Gaming, MAD Team proved that they indeed have individual talent worth celebrating. Jungler, Hsiaoh “Kongyue” Jen-Tso, was the star of the show, but Chen “Uniboy” Chang-Chu shined just as bright.

We had the opportunity to chat with Uniboy about MAD Team and his feelings about being at the World Championship.

You had a really close game with EDG. I think a lot of fans really didn’t think much of MAD Team’s strength… What did you think of your team’s performances?

I think EDG made a lot of mistakes in game and that’s why it was close. If we are able to make less mistakes in the future, we might be able to win later.

This is your first game at the World Championship and you laned against a very experienced player in Scout… how do you rate your performance?

Our coach Greentea is actually very familiar with EDG so he would tell us about some tricks or behaviors that EDG might have. I was very aware of Scout’s traits and playstyle in game. For laning phase, I just played safe and cautiously since Scout is a veteran. I emphasized the teamfight stage of the game over the laning phase.

Greentea is a very experienced coach and player, and you guys are very inexperienced. What has his coaching meant to you guys?

Greentea, as our coach, is someone that is able to bring stuff that our previous coach didn’t provide. For example, the map rotations since we didn’t really play around the map before. Secondly, in laning phase, we didn’t understand priority or minion wave management. Also he helped with communication since we were very bad at that.

You’re very young… You went from ECS (LMS Challenger) to the World Championship in just a year. What has that been like for you?

When I was still an amateur player, making it to Worlds was my dream. Back in school in Taiwan, the teacher didn’t really think of esports as a legit sport. They thought it was useless stuff and I was just playing games. When I was an amateur player, I always wanted to prove that esports is a dream come true.

How do you feel about MAD Team now… What is the morale like and what is the goal going forward?

The morale is pretty good right now. I really want to keep the morale up through the tournament. My goal is just to play well every game and try to make it out of groups.

Photo: Riot Games

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