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The 2019 League of Legends World Championship is approaching. Starting October 2, the best teams in the world will travel to Europe to determine the ninth LoL world champion.

With the Summer Playoffs now in motion in all regions, there are teams which have already qualified for the World Championship. Below is an updated list for them.

Worlds 2019 qualified teams

  • LEC: G2 Esports, TBD, TBD (Play-in seed)
  • LCS: Team Liquid, Cloud9, TBD (Play-in seed)
  • LCK: Griffin, SK Telecom T1, TBD (Play-in seed)
  • LPL: FunPlus Phoenix, Royal Never Give Up, TBD
  • LMS: ahq e-Sports, J Team, TBD (Play-in seed)
  • VCS: TBD, TBD (Play-in seed)
  • LCL: TBD
  • LJL: TBD
  • LLA: Isurus Gaming
  • LST: TBD
  • TCL: Royal Youth

How will the remaining teams qualify?

  • LCS’s third team will be the regional gauntlet winner. The teams taking part in it are TSM, FlyQuest, Clutch Gaming, and CLG, with TSM as the highest seed.
  • LEC’s team qualification will depend on the Summer Playoffs, which will start next weekend. Only G2 are guaranteed a spot at worlds. Fnatic and Origen are guaranteed a spot in the gauntlet, if they don’t get to win the split.
  • LCK’s situation is much like LEC’s. Only Griffin are a lock for playoffs, and the other teams need to go first through the playoffs and then through the gauntlet. The race for the championship points #1 spot is currently between SKT (lowest seed, 110 points) and DAMWON Gaming (second-highest seed, 100 points). If SKT get eliminated early and DAMWON make the grand finals, it will be them plus Griffin at Worlds, plus the winner of the Gauntlet.
  • LPL is very much up in the air. FPX and iG are the only teams locked for the regional gauntlet at the very least, but the championship points are close by. FPX and iG are at 90, and JDG and TOP are at 70. Given FPX’s semifinal seed for summer, they will be guaranteed a Worlds spot if they make the grand finals.
  • LMS also is at 0 qualified teams, but many are looking at J Team and AHQ as the likely favorites. MAD is another strong candidate, but they will need a forward placement in the playoffs to secure a spot.
  • All other regions need their Summer Playoffs to finish. VCS will seed the winner to the Main Event and the runner-up to the Play-ins. All the other regions will seed the Summer Champion to the Play-ins.
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