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With the 2020 League of Legends World Championship still running, Riot Games does not stop working on their MOBA, and today, Mark Yetter, Lead Gameplay Designer, brings us the preview of the next version of the game: Patch 10.21.

This patch will completely change the current meta, and despite the changes are not definitive, this preview gives us an approximate hint about how it will be.

As we can see, some of the strongest champions right now are being nerfed, like Nidalee, Camille, and Pantheon Support… picks that are being a constant pick or ban in the World Championship.

A non-surprising nerf will also affect Samira, the last champ to arrive at the game that, despite not being available at Worlds, is being a nightmare for the players in SoloQ.

But these nerfs are not the most shocking thing of this Patch 10.21…

In the buffs list, we can find something that leaves us speechless: Aphelios, the bot champion that has always been a problem for Riot’s balance team, will receive six different buffs!

It is true that Aphelios has received many nerfs along the year, but those nerfs were very necessary in order to avoid his “terror kingdom” in the bot lane. Now, it seems like Riot Games regret it, and the company wants to bring him back to the meta.

These buffs come together with some improvements to other champions that are currently strong, like Corki or Karma, and other less powerful champs like Udyr will also be buffed.

We still cannot know how this patch will affect the game, and as it is not yet finalized, we can expect some changes coming on… or maybe we just get used to the idea of having Aphelios back on his throne.

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