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While most of the League of Legends regions are currently starting to play with the recently launched Patch 11.3, Riot Games keeps working on its most famous game and introduces us to the newest update: Patch 11.4.

Same as the previous one, this new Patch is quite big, with some nerfs and adjustments for the strongest champions and items we are dealing with right now and the most important thing we could have: a nerf to the Jungle position that could drastically change the meta.

As always, it is Mark Yetter, Gameplay Design Director for League of Legends, who has announced the planned changes to the game, let’s take a look at them!

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Champion Buffs

  • Caitlyn: her Attack Damage per level grows more, changing from 3.3 to 3.8; same thing happens with her Attack Speed per level, which changes from 3.5 to 4%.
  • Fiora: her Passive damage increases from 2.5% (+4.5% per 100 AD) to 3% (+5.5% per 100 AD).
  • Soraka: her ‘Q’ movement speed bonus increases from 15-25 to 20-30%; her ‘W’ base heal increases too, from 90-230 to 100-240.
  • Varus: his ‘W’ active will have its increased damage based on his ‘Q’ charge augmented from 0-50 to 0-80%, while at its max, his ‘W’ will change from 9-21 to 10.8-25.2% missing HP damage.
  • Braum: his ‘R’ cooldown is reduced from 140-100 to 120-80 seconds.
  • Jinx: her base health increases from 550 to 610.
  • Veigar: its ‘Q’ mana cost is reduced from 40-60 to 30-60, and its ‘R’ cooldown too, from 120-80 to 120-60 seconds.
  • Talon: his ‘W’ cooldown changes from 9 to 9-7; and his ‘W’ outgoing bonus AD ratio changes from .4 to .55.
  • Lee Sin: his ‘Q’ cooldown is reduced from 11-7 to 10-6.
  • Tryndamere: his base AD increases from 69 to 72.
  • Amumu: its ‘E’ base damage increases from 75-155 to 75-175.

Champion Nerfs

  • Samira: her ‘E’ will no longer dash to allies (removed), and its dash speed decreases from 2050 to 1600. Plus, her ‘W’ duration is reduced from 1 to 0.75 seconds.
  • Kai’Sa: her ‘Q’ base damage per misile is reduced from 45-110 to 40-100; same with the max single target, which decreases from 101.25-247.5 to 90-225, and the Evolved max, that decreases from 168-412.5 to 150-375.
  • Skarner: its base HP will be lower, changing from 601 to 580; and its health per level changes from 90 to 85.
  • Renekton: its ‘Q’ healing from minions decreases from 3-9 to 3-7, and its ‘Q’ empowered healing from minions decreases in the lates levels, changing from 9-27 to 9-21.
  • Camille: her ‘W’ cooldown increases from 15-9 to 17-11.

Item Buffs

  • Everfrost: its cast time decreases from .25 to .15 seconds; the spell delay remains unchanged; the Build Path changes from Lost Chapter + Blasting Wand + 1250 gold to Lost Chapter + Blasting Wand + Kindlegem + 450 gold; its health increases from 200 to 250; its Active Damage increases from 100 (+30%AP) to 125 (+35%AP).
  • Cosmic Drive: the movement speed on spellhit has ben removed, and a new feature has been added: if you have 160 AP, gain 20 ability haste and 10-30 move speed; is ability haste is reduced from 30 to 20.
  • Guinsoo’s Rageblade: its attack speed increases from 40 to 45%.
  • Chempunk Chainsword: its health increases from 150 to 250.
  • Mortal Reminder: its AD increases from 20 to 25.
  • Morellonomicon: its AP increases from 70 to 80.

System nerfs

  • Moonstone Renewer: its base heal decreases from 70-100 to 50-100 (by champ level).
  • Jungle Position: for this especific point, Mark Yetter has made a different post, where he explains all the changes coming for this position after some of the nerfs previously announced have been removed:

As the Gameplay Design Director says, these changes are nearly final but a few things may still change, so stay tuned to know all the news about the upcoming update!

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