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KT Rolster traditionally worries their fans over their erratic performances, but this time — there is little doubt that KT are favorites to win it all. KT surgically dissected the opposition in Group C with the only real hiccup being a loss against China’s EDward Gaming. Despite that, KT Rolster did wrap up the group with a 5-1 record, easily dispatching Team Liquid and MAD Team.

We had the chance to chat with KT Rolster’s star top laner, Song “Smeb” Kyung-Ho, about KT’s group stage performance, upcoming quarterfinal matchups, and the World Championship in general.

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Firstly, a lot of fans are always scared that KT will mess up. You guys did lose to EDG today, but you stuck the landing and got first in the group. How does it feel?

I know fans are worried about the fiesta moments. I think we mostly got rid of it already, so our fans shouldn’t worry. Losing to EDG was really saddening though.

Losing to EDG was unexpected. What do you think was the biggest reason for that loss to EDG?

I don’t really know exactly, but maybe because of our mistakes in game.

Overall, I think KT was the most dominant team. What do you think is the strongest thing about your team?

First of all, I think all our laners are strong. Since the meta is all about teamfights and skirmishes, we are really good at teamfighting.

Now that you have qualified for the Quarterfinals, are there any teams that you think you match up well against?

I think all the teams are very strong. I can’t pick one. I hope that Afreeca would go to the other side of the bracket.

Do you want to play against Kuro?

In the finals. (laughs)

In general, what do you think of the strength of teams left over? Which team do you think is the scariest to face apart from Afreeca?

As I just mentioned, all teams are very strong. I heard that we can possibly face C9 and G2 and they have good pocket picks, so we have to be aware of that.

For Cloud9, I think Licorice has surprised a lot of people with Singed and Hecarim. What do you think of his performances?

I think he’s a really good player. Since he has a lot of pocket picks, I have to be ready with a lot of counters to those picks.

In your game against MAD Team, you were solo-killed by Liang in the Camille-Irelia matchup. Do you think Camille wins that matchup and were you guys worried?

In the early game, Camille has a lot of priority so I think I should have played safe. But I wasn’t really controlling myself.

Lastly, you worked very hard to get to this point. You’ve had a lot of struggles. How does it feel to be at the Top 8 at Worlds?

There were a lot of troubles and I believe that Quarterfinals will be another challenge for us. We have to prepare a lot.

Photo: Riot Games

For more interviews, please visit the VP Esports Worlds Hub. 

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