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Invictus Gaming and the League of Legends Pro League (LPL) continued their reign of terror in the World Championship Group Stage today. Invictus Gaming remain undefeated with a 2-0 record following an amazing Kai’Sa performance from AD carry, Yu “JackeyLove” Wen-Bo, that was key in defeating European hopefuls, Fnatic.

We had the chance to talk with JackeyLove about his first appearance at Worlds and iG’s strength.

You’re a player that has been hyped up for years and just came into competitive play… How did that affect you?

Actually for me, it didn’t influence a lot. I just wanted to focus on my game and individual performance. I just want to have a better result and performance at this Worlds.

What do you think of iG’s performances so far at the World Championship? You guys have a tendency to be pretty inconsistent.

Actually, for individual and team performances, they’re about the same. We are kind of good… Stable and consistent. We play a lot of solo queue and scrims so our performance is constantly improving so we’ll keep doing that.

As an AD carry, are there any at this tournament that you are looking forward to playing?

At the moment, there are no AD carries I want to meet with. Most AD carries that are really strong are ones that we’ve met before in LPL matches.

It seems like the LPL has a lot of strong AD carries. Why do you think that is?

It is probably because of Uzi. He is so strong and one of the big representative AD carries. Once you play a game with him, you will get stronger because of him.

Fnatic was hyped up as one of the strongest teams at Worlds and as the hope for the West, but your team put them away decisively enough. What did you think of Fnatic’s performance?

In today’s game, Fnatic was a little bit difficult to play against from the early game. Firstly, Caps is one of the best mid laners in the world and he’s the stable carry point of Fnatic, but meeting with Rookie… Rookie is just a little bit better than Caps. At the bot lane, they got triple-killed by us in the early game so from that time, we played a very hard game. For the whole team, beating Fnatic was very hard.

Do you feel like there’s any pressure to perform right now?

I feel like there really isn’t much pressure on me. We’ve been in Korea for a while and came early to play scrims and practice a lot. We’ve been stable and consistent so I don’t feel more pressure just because I’m young and a rookie at worlds.

Both iG and RNG have looked really strong so far. How do you feel about your chances against them right now, since you narrowly lost to them in the finals recently?

Meeting with RNG, I think it’s maybe 3-7. We are the 30 percent. RNG is just way, way too strong and if we were going to beat them, we have to be lucky at the same time. We really need that fortune factor to be on our side.

Photo: Riot Games

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