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Three weeks in, and no team has been able to take a game off G2 Esports in LEC Spring 2019. The “samurai” top the LEC rankings with a confident 6-0 and have beaten everything the schedule has thrown at them.

G2 did minimal changes to their roster in the off-season. First, they let Petter “Hjarnan” Freyschuss leave and replaced him with star mid laner Luka “PerkZ” Perković. To fill the void on mid, G2 then brought over 2018 Summer Split MVP Rasmus “Caps” Winther from Fnatic — acquiring a masterful young talent and crippling their biggest rival at the same time.

The shuffle has been fruitful so far. Caps is leading the MVP rankings (together with Schalke’s Elias “Upset” Lipp) and has the best GPM and kill participation ration on his position, as well as the second best KDA ratio. And this is with him playing a different champion every single game, ranging from squishy assassins like LeBlank to tankier champions like Aatrox and Urgot.

This champion diversity is also G2’s trademark this season. In the entire league, there are seven players who’ve played six champions over six games. Three of them are G2’s: Martin “Wunder” Hansen, Perks and Caps. And in a best-of-1 format where there’s no recovering from a bad draft in the next game, being unpredictable and flexible is winning G2 games.

The only thing one could perhaps take away from G2 is that they haven’t played many of the top performing teams this season. Yes, they scored a win against current #2 Schalke, but the rest of the wins have been against teams that are far from outstanding. G2 are yet to play the likes of Vitality and Misfits, or even their old rivals of Fnatic.

Speaking of Fnatic, theirs is a tragic story. With Caps and sOAZ gone and rookie Tim “Nemesis” Lipovšek manning the midlane, it’s down to Martin “Rekkles” Larsson to carry. Although the titled AD Carry has been doing his best, and even scoring a pentakill to beat Rogue, Fnatic are off to an awful start. The team is 1-5 and have gone from back-to-pack EU LCS champions and Worlds finalists to the second worst team in the league — not something anyone expected.

The record might get worse still. Next Saturday, Feb. 2, Fnatic are finally playing G2 Esports, and the odds are not at all in favor of Rekkles and co.

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