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Once again, the League of Legends European Championship Finals had the most legendary battle in the region’s history: Fnatic vs G2 Esports, both fighting for the Summer title, both team fighting for their crown.

G2 Esports wanted to revalidate their European kingdom.

Fnatic wanted to take the throne back for the first time since 2018.

Both teams had won seven splits each, it was time to name a new absolute king.

Game 1:

Game 1 Picks and Bans

The first game of the series started with a quick first kill that Fnatic’s AD Carry, Rekkles, could get thanks to a gank from Selfmade’s Gragas. With it, the orange team took a small lead in the gold score.

In minute 9, Fnatic tried to perform the same play, but Jankos was ready to rotate to bot this time and managed to protect his AD Carry, with whom G2 Esports got two enemies’ lives and put the kills score 2-2, and the gold score even.

Two minutes later, a new team fight took place in the bot lane, and each team got two more kills, and thanks to the combo Camille-Shen, G2 could easily kill Fnatic’s top laner and drop the first Herald to open the top line.

The next few minutes were very bloody, with fights and kills everywhere, while G2 got the first tower (immediately responded by Fnatic with another one) and increased the lead on the gold score.

The first drake of the game was taken by Fnatic at minute 17, but G2 Esports dominated the map overall, and for the moment they weren’t able to win the team fights (Caps score with LeBlanc was 5/0/0 at minute 20), and the ninjas could easily get the second drake of the game.

At minute 25, Fnatic tried to initiate a fight to kill two isolated enemies, but G2 quickly rotated, chased, and killed all the players on their way. Right after that, they took the Baron Nashor, the third drake, and put the gold score around 7k ahead.

By minute 30, G2 opened the enemy base, but Fnatic managed to fight back and win a crazy team fight. Seconds later, the same situation took place in the same place, and this time Fnatic killed four G2 players, so the second Nashor of the game was all theirs.

G2 Esports responded with the fourth drake, the game kept being chaotic, and that’s something that the ninjas always liked. With all the lanes pushed, they could easily take the Ocean Soul, and also a new Baron Nashor.

With all this power, G2 Esports destroyed three inhibitors and a new team fight started, where Hylissang and Nemesis kept Fnatic’s honor and carried the fight, killing three enemies and prolonging the game a bit more.

G2 took the Ancient Drake and, again, Fnatic managed to kill three of them, so the ninjas couldn’t finish the game, that had already passed the 48 minutes.

A new fight took place at that moment, and finally, G2 Esports killed all the enemies and won the first map!

Game 2:

Game 2 Picks and Bans

For the second game, Fnatic chose the blue side, to first pick Hecarim for Selfmade while banned LeBlanc to avoid Caps‘ plays. Right after that, two non-typical picks were chosen: Zilean top for Bwipo, and Lulu for Mikyx.

The first blood was this time for G2 Esports after a 2 vs 2 trade, but it was Lulu who took the kill instead of Ashe. Fnatic took their first kill in the mid lane, after a rotation of Hylissang.

G2 took the first drake of the game, but the gold score remained even, as the kills score… until both teams fought for the first Herald. After a while, the result of this trade was one kill for Fnatic and the Herald for G2, objective that helped them to destroy the first turret.

After some new chaotic minutes, the ninjas took the second drake, but there were no differences in the gold scores. Fnatic took their first turret and took some gold advantage, but G2 traded that objective with the second Herald.

The orange team could finally take their first drake (the third-one of the game) and took the lead on turrets. It was G2 who could not win any team fight this time, and Fnatic used that to push every lane, increase their advantage in all the scores, and put the ninjas against the wall.

A new team fight started when Fnatic took their second drake, and G2 proved that they wouldn’t give up easily, and put the kills score 9-7 at minute 25.

Both teams rotated to take their third drake, and despite Fnatic stole the objective, G2 Esports managed to kill three enemies, so they could easily get the Baron Nashor, and turned the game around… but not for so long.

Fnatic performed an amazing team fight in the mid lane, where they first killed Perkz and chased G2 until they took one more kill, which helped them to take two inhibitors and the Mountain Soul.

In the next play, they initiated a new team fight, but did not succeed and had to turn back. The game kept being complete chaos, with both teams constantly fighting, getting some crazy kills but never daring to start the Baron Nashor.

Suddenly, G2 Esports remembered that they had two inhibitors down, and the super minions were destroying their base, so they had to give up and leave the objective, that Fnatic got.

Another team fight started and Caps managed to keep G2’s hopes, and after taking some kills they got the Ancient Drake. With its power, the ninjas started pushing the mid lane, opened the base, and started a new team fight, won it, destroyed the nexus, and incredibly won the second map.

Game 3:

Game 3 Picks and Bans

The third game was critical for Fnatic, so once again they chose the blue side in order to first pick one of the strongest champs in the current meta: Caitlyn.

Both teams kept playing aggressive in the first few minutes, but the first blood didn’t happen until minute 5 when G2 Esports sieged the mid lane and finally killed Nemesis. Fnatic also got one kill after rotating to the mid lane, but Caps had taken an advantage that let him solo-kill one minute later.

While G2 was increasing their kills difference, Fnatic managed to take the first drake, but they were already behind in the gold score. Part of it was caused by Syndra, who had an advantage of 30 minions compared with her enemy in the lane, and the first Herald (that they traded for that first drake).

G2 Esports took the second drake of the game, but in the meantime, Fnatic took some kills to put the kills score 3-3 at minute 13. After one more kill, the gold score was even too.

The second Herald was for Fnatic, and at minute 16 both teams grouped in the mid lane, to start a team fight that left the score 6-6. One minute later, both teams reunited again to fight for their second drake. It was G2 who took it and also killed two enemies.

From that moment, the ninjas started playing even more aggressively and quickly increased their advantage in every score. Fnatic had fewer chances every minute. G2 took their third drake and got control of the whole map.

At minute 28, both teams rotated to drake again, and a new team fight started, but G2 Esports intended to win the series 3-0: they killed all the enemy players and took the Infernal Soul.

After taking two more kills (the score was 10-22 at minute 31), G2 Esports took the Baron Nashor too, and with its power destroyed two inhibitors. When the ninjas tried to take the remaining one, Fnatic performed a nice fight and killed three enemies, which gave some hope to the orange team.

Right after that, they rotated to the Ancient Dragon, but G2 Esports fought perfectly: while two of their players were trying to steal the objective and fight Fnatic players, Caps teleported to the enemy base and destroyed both nexus turrets… Fnatic could do nothing but stare at how G2 Esports was winning them the LEC Finals for the fourth time in a row.

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