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In the last few years, we have learned many remarkable names in the competitive League of Legends scene, especially after Korean rule was crushed by a new generation of Chinese players who quickly imposed their rules on the World’s game board.

One of those names is Gao ‘Tian‘ Tian-Liang, currently jungler for FunPlus Phoenix, the team with which he became World Champion back in 2019, after beating G2 Esports in Paris’ Grand Final.

FunPlus Phoenix's Tian wins LoL World Championship MVP - LoL - News -

Tian started to be known two years before winning the Summoners’ Cup, when, after playing with Young Miracles, began a new adventure with the current world sub-champion, Suning.

It was in December 2018 when the Chinese jungler joined FunPlus Phoenix, and it took him less than a year to achieve the most precious prize in the competitive League of Legends.

The last year 2020 was pretty rough for him and his team, it is true, and that is probably one of the reasons why we have received bad news about Tian earlier today when he published the next announcement on the social website ‘Weibo’:


Yesterday’s 2-0 against Rogue Warriors was one of the few games after 2019 that I actually enjoyed playing. In our last game against EDG, due to pressure, I would suddenly feel unwell. I’m afraid this will happen again in the future. After some discussion with our team, I decided to take a break and seek professional help. Thank you for your concerns. Please continue to support FPX while I am away, I will be back“.

With this message, the jungler announces a break in his career, in order to get better and come back stronger.

FunPlus Phoenix receives a hard blow, as Tian has become one of the most decisive players on its roster, thanks to the amazing connection he has with other teammates like Doinb or Crisp, but for now, it will be the recently acquired jungler Zhou ‘Bo‘ Yang-Bo who will take care of his position.

We send our best wishes to Tian and a good recovery. We hope to see him back very very soon!

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