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In the afternoon of Sunday 23rd August, the last series of the first Playoffs week in LEC matched the champion of the Regular Season, Rogue, and one of the most legendary organizations in the world, Fnatic.

The result of the series was going to be incredibly determinant regarding the upcoming League of Legends World Championship. If Fnatic wins the series, they would be automatically qualified. But in case of Rogue wins, the automatically qualified team would be Mad Lions, and Fnatic would have to fight Schalke 04 in a new Bo5 next week.

This is what finally happened:

Game 1:

The first match of the series started with many surprises in Fnatic’s draft, when they picked Evelynn for the jungle in the first rotation, together with Urgot topside and Lucian mid.

When the game started, Fnatic quickly took the lead in the gold and kills scores, playing a very aggressive early game, especially in the bot lane. Nevertheless, Rogue managed to get the first drake and the first Herald, with whom they also got the first turret and could even the scores.

The game was very bloody, but Fnatic performed some very well-coordinated plays and got control of the whole map. Rogue could get the second Herald, but for that moment, Fnatic had already killed two drakes.

When we passed 20 minutes, the gold difference was around 7k for Fnatic. The orange team had destroyed 6 turrets, while Rogue only 2, and this lane-pressure lead to the third drake for Fnatic.

Two minutes later, Fnatic rushed the Baron Nashor, and Rogue did not come in time to dispute it. When they arrived there, Fnatic turned back and fought the enemy team, getting three kills and losing only one player.

Right after that, they kept pushing the mid lane and opened the base, but nothing else happened for one minute, until Evelynn one-shooted Rogue’s AD Carry, started a team fight and quickly destroyed the nexus, winning the first game of the series.

Game 2:

This time, with Karthus in the jungle for Fnatic, the game began with both teams taking distance from the enemies.

Six minutes passed until we saw some “action” when Rogue got the first drake while Fnatic tried to fight it. Right after that, Fnatic got the first kill, and from that moment the game became quite more bloody, especially thanks to Vander’s hooks with Blitzcrank, that helped Rogue to even the kills score, that ended 2-2 in the by the 8th minute.

While Fnatic had some advantage in gold, Rogue quickly shortened it taking two more kills with a spectacular Blitzcank hook that caught both the Support and the AD Carry.

The second drake of the match was for Fnatic, in exchange for the Herald, that helped Rogue to open the top lane.

The next minutes, Rogue put more pressure in the sidelines, giving away the third drake and letting Fnatic push the mid lane. All the scores were pretty even passed the minute 20, and suddenly both teams faced each other in the bot side river, but no one died and Fnatic managed to get a new drake (the third one for them), while Rogue rotated to Baron Nashor, but couldn’t kill it.

Rogue avoided Fnatic to take the Ocean Soul, taking the drake instead of them, but Fnatic killed all the enemy players and finally could take the Baron Nashor.

With this buff, Fnatic opened Rogue’s base, and at minute 32, when they saw that Rogue was walking through the bot side jungle, they all rotated to fight them. Once again, Fnatic smashed the enemies and quickly pushed the bot lane, destroyed everything in front of them, and won the second game.

Game 3:

Fnatic was determined to crush Rogue. Again, they picked Evelynn for the jungle, but this time Kog’Maw was the chosen one for the mid lane.

The beginning of this game was more violent than the second match of the day. At minute 3, there was a fight in the bot lane with both junglers involved where Fnatic took the lead taking the first blood and killing two more enemies, while only two of their players died.

Fnatic took advantage in the sidelines and this helped them to get the first drake and the first Herald, but Rogue didn’t give up, and kept fighting and taking some kills all around the map.

The second drake was for Fnatic and the third one too, and their Evelynn became a nightmare for the carries of Rogue (she one-shooted them), and her plays helped Fnatic to keep the gold advantage.

With the kills core being 10-10, Fnatic started their fourth drake, but Rogue managed to steal it and a new team fight started, with one kill for Fnatic and two for Rogue.

The same thing happened at minute 30 when both teams rotated to the dragon pit and started fighting. It seemed like Fnatic was getting the objective, but Rogue’s top laner stole it!

Fnatic regrouped in Baron Nashor and started hitting it. Then, Rogue tried to fight for it, and Fnatic turned back and faced them. The result of this fight was 4 new kills for Fnatic, who quickly pushed the mid lane and didn’t stop until they destroyed the nexus, winning the series 3-0 and qualifying for Worlds!

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