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Today, EU LCS host Eefje “Sjokz” Depoortere announced on Facebook and Twitter that she is no longer a full-time employee at Riot Games and is transitioning into a freelance role at the company.

In her post, Sjokz notes that the EU LCS will still be her top priority, but that the change allows her to explore other projects. As one of the most popular hosts in esports, Sjokz will be hosting the Esports Awards, and will have a variety of events in Europe to potentially host in the future. Sjokz has hosted the EU LCS since 2013, being part of Riot’s transition to standardized league competition with a formal week-to-week broadcast.

However, she has also noted that the change will allow her to catch up with her personal life. A week-to-week broadcast with Riot Games requires careful planning and endless hours to consistently produce a high quality show. As one of the best in esports, the scene will always be ready for her when she figures out the future in full. Freelancing allows greater flexibility for the individual and more opportunities for growth. As a host with numerous international events under her belt, having worked live event after live event, we can expect to see Sjokz at other top esports events in the future.

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