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DragonX’s LCK playoffs campaign is over at the hands of T1. The winningest franchise in League of Legends history was the far better team on the Rift today, and moves to their third consecutive grand final — and potentially a hat-trick of consecutive titles too.

The first two games of the series ended almost identically. After keeping up with T1 in terms of kills and gold, despite feeling enough behind to be one lost team fight away from losing, DragonX would attempt Baron which would end in a disaster both times. Leading up to the throw in game 1, DragonX had just taken down T1 in a massive teamfight and looked to convert it into a Baron. Without sufficient damage, however, all of DragonX ended up low on health, which opened up an opportunity for T1 to teleport in and sweep them all.

Only in game 3 did DragonX get on the board on the back of almost unfair amount of damage coming from Kim “Deft” Hyuk-ku’s Ziggs, which at one point could erase 80% of T1’s carries’ hit points with just one Mega Inferno Bomb. That victory was more of a slow-down on T1’s inevitable march than anything else, however, and the reigning champions played an almost perfect game to close the series 3-1.

T1 now move to face Gen.G for the title and attempt their three-peat. Regular season statistics are in favor of T1, as they beat Gen.G both times during the group stage. The grand finals are also a best-of-5 — a format in which T1 are famous for their endurance and comeback potential.

Yet, the two opponents are rather evenly matched. Gen.G won the regular split by an inch over T1 and DragonX, even though they have one of the best rosters on-paper in the entire league, headlined by mid laner Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong, who leads the LCK MVP rankings, and former SKT jungler Kim “Clid” Tae-min.

The date for the finals is Saturday, April 25.

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