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The League of Legends Japan League struggles to put up results at international events, but now it’s DetonatioN FocusMe’s turn. It’s the team’s first ever World Championship appearance, but for their top laner, Shunsuke “Evi” Murase, it’s his second rodeo. His Urgot dazzled on Game 1 against Cloud9 and he was arguably DFM’s MVP, even if they didn’t quite close it out.

We had the opportunity to chat with DFM Evi after his close game against Cloud9.

How did it feel to have such a close game with Cloud9, who were overwhelming favorites in your match?

Basically, we had this moment of realization that our effort and the work we’ve been putting in actually works against the Worlds teams. It worked against NA.

Moreover, you already beat KaBuM! today. Did you expect that result?

Of course, we knew we were going to beat KaBuM!

What has your team done to succeed so far? What is making DFM so strong?

The most important thing is we set a communication rule internally during teamfights and stuff. We put a lot of efforts into our communication patterns and the set of rules are working out for us.

Teams have been banning Heimerdinger and Ceros just played Ziggs… Why does Ceros play such weird champions and how does it work for your team?

Ceros is just a weirdo and that’s his greatest strength… and maybe his weakness. We’ll see, but it’s mostly his strength.

You are known as the best Japanese top laner and are always high up in Korean solo queue. How do you think you compare to the top laners so far?

For Licorice, it’s a little hard to say since I only played one game against him, but at the end of the game where he made very good flanks… I think he’s a really good player based on that.In terms of 1v1, I need a little more games to say how I feel about that. KaBuM!’s top laner, I’m just better than him. I’m very confident in that.

Lastly, LJL has never made it, but do you think you guys can get out of Play-Ins and make it to the Group Stage?

I’m not sure, but we’ve been playing well and we want to make it out so… Yes, we will make it to groups.

Photo: (Riotgames, Lolesports)

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