No matches

LPL administration confirmed on Weibo Sunday that all LPL and LDL matches will be postponed indefinitely due to the coronavirus outbreak in China. Therefore, the premier League of Legends tournament is unlikely to return on February 5 after the New Year’s holidays, as originally planned.

According to the announcement, the management is working with the teams and players to find the best possible solution given the schedule change. The teams’ staff will also be taught about prevention and emergency response techniques to ensure safety.

The post also warned people to wear masks when travelling, reduce their going-outs, and avoid large crowds, as to limit the potential exposure to the virus.

China has struggled to contain the coronavirus outbreak and Sunday, the death toll rose to 56, with 15 more death cases reported today alone. A major cause for concern is that one of the deaths was reported in Shanghai, China’s largest metropolis. The speed with which the virus is spreading is also worrying. Between the identification of the coronavirus’ existence and its reporting on Jan. 21 and Friday, Jan. 24, 1,287 cases diagnosed and reported. On Saturday, Jan. 25, alone, 688 new cases were diagnosed, bringing the total number to almost 2,000.

The government has temporarily halted wildlife trade across the country until the epidemic has passed, as researches believe that an exotic meal market in Wuhas is where the virus has initially spread from.

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