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On Day 2 of Week 3 of the League of Legends European Championship (LEC), the first half of the 2021 Spring Split was to be finished, but it did not go as expected for some of the participant teams.

It is the case of the game that matched Excel and Fnatic, game 4, scheduled to be played at 21:00 (CET), with both teams tied in the classification board and both coming from a winning streak.

The game was very important, but something went wrong when the game reached the 34th minute: a bug disrupted the server.

As you can see in the video above, the bug occurred due to the combination of Samira’s ultimate and the Guardian Angel, which made the champion’s ability to continue dealing damage while resurrecting.

This continued damage ended with a new kill for Fnatic after Excel’s Gangplank died in this play.

All these together caused an immediate pause, that developed into a Chronobreak, a tool created by Riot Games to deal with this kind of situations where bugs appear in important competitive games.

Through Chronobreak, teams can retake a game at the same point they left it before the exact moment where the “error” happens. Nevertheless, in this concrete case, this tool could not be implemented, so the competition managers had to apply the rule book.

At first, they talked about applying the win probability, but the criteria used by this method was obsolete since its modeling belonged to 2020.

Once this option was discarded, only one remained: to offer Excel a remake.

The British team accepted the offer (to be honest, the game was paused when both competitors were kind of tied in the gold score, so they could actually have had chances to win), so the game started again from the beginning, right after G2 Esports and Rogue had played their game of the day.

These are the comments on the situation made by Riot Games’ LEC Commissioner, Maximilian Peter Schmidt:

Right after that, the Commissioner announced that effective immediately, Riot Games was administratively disabling the combination of Samira & Guardian Angel, which meant that players were not allowed to purchase Guardian Angel on Samira to avoid repetition of the issue.

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