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Riot Games went home with a brand new award to line their trophy case with. At the 2018 Sports Emmy Awards, League of Legends took home the award for Outstanding Live Graphic Design.

Riot Games took home the award for their phenomenal performance during the 2017 League of Legends World Championship. The finals took place at the Bejing National Stadium, otherwise known as The Bird’s Nest. In case you haven’t seen the opening ceremony for the Finals, we’ve given you another chance to take in its beauty below. You’re specifically going to want to watch the Elder Dragon fly around The Bird’s Nest. It’s a remarkable sight to see.

In the process of capturing the Outstanding Live Graphic Design award, Riot Games beat out four major television networks. Riot beat the 2017 ELEAGUE broadcast on TBS, the 2017 NBA All-Star Weekend on TNT, the 2017 NBA Finals on ABC as well as college basketball on ESPN/ESPN2. This wasn’t the first time an esports broadcast has been featured. ELEAGUE showed up twice at last years awards, nabbing nominations in both Studio Design and Art Direction.

Seeing esports get recognized side-by-side traditional sports is a major step forward into having the medium taken more seriously. Having also worked at a major traditional sports network, seeing esports take the forefront for any award is eye opening, especially beating productions featured during the NBA finals as well as the NBA All-Star Weekend. Hopefully this is the first of many awards captured by gamers at the Sports Emmy Awards.

About The Sports Emmy Awards: The Sports Emmy® Awards recognize outstanding achievement in sports television coverage. For over a quarter century, The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has presented the Emmy® as a reward for excellence in Sports broadcasting and as an incentive for its continued pursuit.


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