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According to a new post on Riot Games’ EU support forums, players under the age of 16 will now need parental approval to play League of Legends. Similar to that of asking your parents to borrow the car, go on a field trip, or do anything as a minor – you need permission to play League.

“The European Union has passed a slew of data privacy laws which affect games and digital accounts like the one you use to log into League of Legends. If that sentence was riveting to you, we’ll have more info soon on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and how we’re changing the way we process your data.”

The age differential will vary in different European countries according to the post. “The default age of eligibility across the EU is 16, and the minimum age requirement for all League accounts is 13. Some countries have an age of eligibility somewhere between those numbers, so you’ll need to look up your country’s age to get the exact number.”

If you find yourself living in Europe and have to get parental approval, you might be asking yourself if your parents will be able to monitor all of your activity. The short answer is no, however; it is possible. “No, your parents can’t log into your account, but they can modify it or view information related to it if they ask us [Riot Games].” Now if your parents decide to say no and not give you approval, you’re more or less locked out until you turn 16. There is ultimately nothing Riot Games can do until you legally turn 16. They can’t give you access to your account, no matter how much you spent on the game.

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