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By Amanda Stevens

Special to VPEsports

Moving day at the Mid-Season Invitational saw the top teams solidify their spot and a plane ticket to Paris. However, two teams ill be battling it out on Day 6 to see who gets to go as well. Did team Liquid do enough to go? Here are your MSI Day 5 match recaps.

Game 1 – Fnatic (EU LCS) v Kingzone DragonX (LCK)

Projected Winner: Kingzone DragonX

Picks and Bans

Despite a Unique Draft, Fnatic Falls to Kingzone DragonX

By the end of the draft, many fans and analysts alike were scratching their heads as they looked at Fnatic’s potential composition. The European LCS representatives had selected a team comp included Trundle, Sion and Sejuani. And while many had assumed that the Trundle was going to Hylissang – at the last-minute, Sejuani went from Broxah’s hands to Hylissang’s. The composition looked a potential counter to the 4 – 1 split push composition that Kingzone had seemingly drafted with their first pick Camille. But, with their last pick, Kingzone handed Gangplank to Khan and Camille went to Cuzz.

At the start of the match, it looked like Fnatic’s composition was going to work as they were able to make picks in skirmishes. But as Kingzone grouped up for fights, it became obvious how hard it was for Fnatic to protect Rekkles on Jihn and properly return damage. Despite Caps’ best effort on Yasuo, Bdd and GorillA were able to peel him off PraY and Cuzz enough to make him a non factor. After a successful team fight at Nashor, Kingzone was made short work of Fnatic soon after.


Fnatic: 7/28/13

  • Bwipo: 0.16 KDA w/ 251cs
  • Broxah: 0.8 KDA w/ 174cs
  • Caps: 0.63 KDA w/ 299cs
  • Rekkles: 1.67 KDA w/ 406cs
  • Hylissang: 0.83 KDA w/ 62cs

Kingzone DragonX: 28/7/84

  • Khan: 21 KDA w/ 357cs
  • Cuzz: 9.5 KDA w/ 197cs
  • Bdd: 22 KDA w/ 231cs
  • PraY: 18 KDA w/ 312cs
  • GorillA: 12 KDA w/ 49cs

Winner:  Kingzone DragonX

Game 2 – EVOS Esports (VCS) v Royal Never Give Up (LPL)

Projected Winner: Royal Never Give Up

Picks and Bans

Royal Continue Their Push for a Potential First Place Finish

Like many of their games, EVOS Esports start their match versus Royal Never Give Up impressively with decent skirmishes. They were even able to secure their first brick of the entire tournament. But when you give Uzi Ezreal, you set yourself up for a brutal reality check as the game goes on. Between Uzi’s monstrous damage, at one point dealing 5.8K damage in a single team fight, and the burst damage of Xiahou’s Zoe EVOS weren’t able to put up much of a fight against the Chinese powerhouses.


EVOS Esports: 3/11/8

  • Stark: 3 KDA w/ 245cs
  • Yijin: 1 KDA w/ 193cs
  • Warzone: 2 KDA w/ 260cs
  • Slay: 0.3 KDA w/ 286cs
  • RonOP: 0.5 KDA w/ 44cs

Royal Never Give Up: 11/3/25

  • Letme: 5 KDA w/ 259cs
  • Mlxg: 1 KDA w/ 147cs
  • Xiahou: 8 KDA w/ 263cs
  • Uzi: 11 KDA w/ 329cs
  • Ming: 11 KDA w/ 16cs

Winner:  Royal Never Give Up

Game 3 – Flash Wolves (LMS) v Team Liquid (NA LCS)

Projected Winner: Team Liquid

Picks and Bans

Doublelift Puts Team Liquid on His Back to Keep Their Hopes Alive

After Team Liquid started MSI with a 1-5 scoreline, everyone asked when we would see TL play their personal style of League of Legends. But with a win over Flash Wolves, it seems that Liquid have remember what their strong suit is – Impact on a tank, Pobelter on a control mage, and the eggs in the Doublelift basket. But, the game was not smooth sailing for the North American representatives.

Flash Wolves dominated the early game as Moojin completely made Xmithe irrelevant for the first 15 minutes of the match. However, between Pobelter and Impact making proactive plays and Doublelift’s heart and desire – TL was able to keep in the game. And repeated fights won off the back the Call of the Forge God engages, Liquid have put their semifinal birth firmly in their own hands.


Flash Wolves: 9/15/24

  • Hanabi: 1 KDA w/ 315cs
  • Moojin: 1.67 KDA w/ 217cs
  • Maple: 2.67 KDA w/ 291cs
  • Betty: 4 KDA w/ 423cs
  • SwordArt: 2.67 KDA w/ 19cs

Team Liquid: 15/9/45

  • Impact: 4 KDA w/ 331cs
  • Xmithe: 4 KDA w/ 196cs
  • Pobelter: 5.5 KDA w/ 351cs
  • Doublelift: 15 KDA w/ 471cs
  • Olleh: 7 KDA w/ 17cs

Winner: Team Liquid

Game 4 – Fnatic (EU LCS) v EVOS Esports (VCS)

Projected Winner: Fnatic

Picks and Bans

EVOS Play Spoiler and Keep Team Liquid’s Semifinals Hope Alive

Despite some praise from analysts to EVOS for having moments of brilliance match after match, no one had them pegged to win versus Fnatic. And yet, with a questionable draft from Fnatic and consistent lapse of judgement from Caps, win is what EVOS did. Thanks to the lead Stark managed to get for himself largely on his own and the strength of Warzone’s Cassiopeia, EVOS made relatively short work of FNC.

Because of this win, Team Liquid control their own destiny into the semifinals with a win over Royal Never Give Up.


Fnatic: 5/15/7

  • Bwipo: 0.5 KDA w/ 315cs
  • Broxah: 1.3 KDA w/ 158cs
  • Caps: 0.3 KDA w/ 331cs
  • Rekkles: 1 KDA w/ 374cs
  • Hylissang: 1 KDA w/ 66cs

EVOS Esports: 15/5/28

  • Stark: 1.25 KDA w/ 313cs
  • Yijin: 10 KDA w/ 220cs
  • Warzone: 11 KDA w/ 318cs
  • Slay: 9 KDA w/ 435cs
  • RonOP: 8 KDA w/ 24cs

Winner:  EVOS Esports

Game 5 – Flash Wolves (LMS) v Kingzone DragonX (LCK)

Projected Winner:

Picks and Bans

Flash Wolves Reminds Everyone How They Got to the Top of the Table

After their initial 6-0 start, the Flash Wolves had been on a downward spiral going 0-3 starting yesterday. Many were beginning to wonder if the Flash Wolves were going to tilt their way into semifinals. On the other side of the coin, Kingzone DragonX seemed to finally return to the form everyone had expected them to have pre tournament. Coming out of the draft, both teams drafted compositions that played to their strong suits with the exception of Khan being forced onto the Sion.

However, with smart macro play, Flash Wolves maintained a modest gold lead as they acquired tower after tower with Kingzone unable to answer the structure count. After a pick on Cuzz and GorillA, the Flash Wolves were able to convert into a Baron take and from there make quick work of the LCK representatives.


Flash Wolves: 11/3/32

  • Hanabi: 2 KDA w/ 244cs
  • Moojin: 10 KDA w/ 172cs
  • Maple: 10 KDA w/ 232cs
  • Betty: 10 KDA w/ 275cs
  • SwordArt: 11 KDA w/ 7cs

Kingzone DragonX: 3/11/4

  • Khan: 0.67 KDA w/ 191cs
  • Cuzz: 0.25 KDA w/ 112cs
  • Bdd: 3 KDA w/ 253cs
  • PraY: 1 KDA w/ 246cs
  • GorillA: 0 KDA w/ 43cs

Winner:  Flash Wolves

Game 6 – Team Liquid (NA LCS) v Royal Never Give Up (LPL)

Projected Winner: Team Liquid

Picks and Bans

Liquid’s Magical Run is Decimated by Royal Never Give Up

With their destiny firmly in their own hands, Team Liquid were hoping to cleanly make their way to Paris. In their way? Uzi and Royal Never Give Up. The analysts had this match up in Team Liquid’s favor due to their three game win streak and their ability to grit their way out of deficit versus the Flash Wolves earlier in the day. But the writing was on the wall when Royal brought out their old favorite – a protect the Uzi comp with Uzi on Kog’maw surrounded by Xiahou on Karma, Ming on Braum, and Letme on Orn.

Team fight after team fight, Uzi showed why he has maintained the title of the best ADC in the world. But credit also has to be strongly given to Letme. His Orn ultimates consistently robbed Team Liquid of their flashes, making them easy pickings. With Royal’s win, the day will close out with Royal versus Flash Wolves for the first seed and Fnatic versus Team Liquid for the last ticket to Paris.


Team Liquid: 4/15/12

  • Impact: 1 KDA w/ 260cs
  • Xmithe: 2 KDA w/ 157cs
  • Pobelter: 1 KDA w/ 296cs
  • Doublelift: 0.6 KDA w/ 312cs
  • Olleh: 1.5 KDA w/ 27cs

Royal Never Give Up: 15/4/ 35

  • Letme: 8 KDA w/ 240cs
  • Mlxg: 7 KDA w/ 235cs
  • Xiahou: 11 KDA w/ 261cs
  • Uzi: 12 KDA w/ 395cs
  • Ming: 12 KDA w/ 54cs

Winner: Royal Never Give Up


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