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Out Of The Blue, a French based League of Legends team has announced that they will be collaborating with The Unicorns of Love, of the EU LCS.

Previously, the team teased on their twitter account that they would be bootcamping with a famous League of Legends team.

The all-female pro team is coached by a former pro himself, Etienne “Steve” Michels. Steve had previously played for teams such as Team ROCCAT, Elements (which was eventually bought and renamed Schalke 04) as well as Paris Saint-Germain.

Out Of The Blue will bootcamp at the Unicorns of Love gaming house while they search for a new starting jungler. As of right now, Steve is filling in as their jungler.

Their jungler search is open to the public and all the details can be found here, but in order to be considered, you must meet the following requirements as per their release:

• If jungle is your main role you must be Diamond 5 this season or peaked Diamond 3 in the past 2 seasons
• If jungle is NOT your main role you must be Diamond 3 this season or peaked Diamond 1 in the past 2 seasons
• Be able to relocate to Toulouse
• Be proficient in English

Outside of Steve, the team is made up of the following:

TOP – Sophie “Ayunie”

MID – Elfi “Valnyora”

AD CARRY – Noemi “Shivaun”

SUPPORT – Laure “Shiny”

Previously, the jungle spot had been held by Chantal “Laiyla” but had to leave the team, citing private reasons.

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