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‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

Since Stewie2k and tarik abandoned Cloud9 in 2018, the team has gone through a series of problems. They almost never had a full five man standing lineup, they had health issues (with golden), and thus it felt like they never actually had a good start.

Even within the midst of that crisis, they’ve had some key pieces that kept them afloat. Autimatic has been a pillar of consistency and is the beacon of hope for Cloud9 fans everywhere. Once kioShiMa joined, he became another pillar of consistency that they could rely upon. I was skeptical when flusha joined given how bad he was at the very end of Fnatic, but he slowly turned his form around and had a great showing at the Katowice 2019 Major.

So when that event finished, I thought that the team was on the right direction. Sure, flusha decided to take a break, but Golden was coming back into the roster. Then there were reports that Cloud9 were in talks with suNny. However since those talks, everything has gone downhill. Dekay reported that the Cloud9/suNny talks ended. Soon after, he reported that Cloud9 will likely be parting ways with kioShiMa.

That move was shocking as kioShiMa was the second best player in the roster. Today reported the addition of two new players: k0nfig and JUGI.

There are a lot of moving parts in this equations, so I’ll first break down the removal of kioShiMa. Removing kioShiMa still makes no sense even with the addition of both danish players. KioShiMa is a versatile player and if we were going by pure functionality and role balance on the team, it makes more sense to keep kioShiMa over RUSH. The only reason I think the team should pick RUSH over kioShiMa is for social reasons or emotional reasons. Perhaps he gets along better with the team or maybe Cloud9 feel like they owe him for sticking around the sinking ship. For now, it’s fine. RUSH can still play his roles to a good level. It will only be a problem if they reproduce the Skadoodle scenario.

As for k0nfig and JUGI, I’ll take it one at a time. K0nfig was once a fantastic player, arguably the best Danish player when he played under MSL. While he hasn’t been anywhere as impressive in OpTic, he should still be a top level player. I have less confidence in JUGI. If I was the GM of Cloud9, I’d have kept kioShiMa instead of adding on JUGI, but perhaps it was a bundle deal. In any case, JUGI hasn’t been a good AWPer for a long period of time. He couldn’t make it work with an in-game leader he knows while playing on a full Danish lineup. Even then, it’s worth a gamble as this frees up autimatic to go back to the rifle. The only other problem I can foresee is the cultural clash.

Overall the lineup is: RUSH, Autimatic, Golden, k0nfig, and JUGI. This team has a lot of potential, but a lot of questions as well. This should be the perfect squad to find out exactly how good an in-game leader Golden really is. All we’ve seen from him thus far is the Fnatic lineup from 2017-2018. If he can make this work and resurrect the career of JUGI, he’ll rightfully be acclaimed as one of the better in-game leaders in the scene.

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