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Astralis didn’t let off the gas following their dominant 2-0 win over FaZe in semifinals (16-0, 16-2) as they made their way into the grand final.

Taking on 100 Thieves who made their way into the best-of-five by defeating Vitality 2-1, Astralis won in a relatively swift 3-0.

The first map was competitive with the Aussie and New Zealand mix taking it all the way to round 30 where they’d fall 16-14. From that point forward it was all Astralis, however.

The Danish side dominated Nuke 16-5 and never looked to be uncomfortable in what is one of their strongest performances in months.

This same fire was brought into an even more one-sided match on Train. Picking up the victory 16-3, Astralis had earned themselves the title of IEM Beijing 2019 champions and looked dominant doing it.

The squad was led not only in tactics but also in frags by Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander who finished with a whopping +26 kill-to-death record. Just as impressive was his 99.3 average damage per round across the best-of-five. This led to gla1ve picking up his first-ever MVP award with the team.

Astralis walk away $125,000 richer and also earned their spot at IEM Katowice 2020 while 100 Thieves picked up a check for $50,000 and can be happy with a finals appearance in their debut under their new organization.

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