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The Heavy Sniper Rifle has officially been confirmed as coming to Fortnite Battle Royale. Epic Games, the team behind the massively successful game have added the new weapon as “coming soon” in the in-game update window that players see upon logging into the game. Most items that appear in this section are added to the game within a couple of days and so fans can expect to carry the big and powerful weapon very soon.

The weapon will be available in the Legendary and Epic variants and is expected to be able to take down structures with relative ease and maybe even hit targets behind it although this isn’t confirmed. The legendary version has a base damage of 157 and takes 4.1 seconds to reload as it can only hold one shot. The Epic version will most certainly pack an even more powerful punch but the long reload time will help to keep the weapon balanced as a missed shot against a tough opponent can almost guarantee defeat or losing the advantage.

The Heavy Sniper is already found in the PvE version of the game, Save The World, and would be an easy switch over and has been rumored to be making its way to Battle Royale for some time.

Will it be as powerful as expected? We shouldn’t have to wait long to find out.



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