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Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is the biggest gaming personality of today’s age. Between his YouTube and Twitch channels, his followers surpass 30 million. From the esports world to mainstream media, everybody is familiar with Ninja’s antics and streaming personality.

This is why it’s no surprise to see the face of Fortnite appear on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show. Ninja spoke with Fallon about the popularity of Fornite, his upcoming New Year’s Eve stream overlooking Time’s Square, and teach Fallon the Pon Pon Dance.

Ninja also commented on the case of parents worried about their kids perhaps playing too much video games:

“It’s simple. Are they doing well in school, are they doing well in their everyday activities? If they are, reward them. If not… it’s a great motivational tool,” Ninja explains. “The same thing was with me when I was growing up. My parents would always be like what am I passionate about. I love playing soccer, but I wasn’t passionate about it. I loved playing video games. So if I wasn’t doing well at school, they’d take them away.  ‘Hey, if you wanna go play during the summer, play outside for two hours. If you play outside for two hours, you get two more hours of game time.’ So I was running around, playing cops and robbers with my friends.”

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