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Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf is the 10th highest earning player in esports. The 16-year-old Fortnite player won the World Championship over the weekend and overnight won $3M dollars.

Naturally, when someone so young wins so much money, the mainstream media pays attention and Bugha is now on a media tour across the United States while making the headlines of every major publication, even of those otherwise oblivious to the existence of esports.

Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show has welcomed gamers before, including Twitch’s No. 1 star Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, and on more than one occasion at that. Which is why Bugha’s appearance on the couch came as no surprise. In a short interview, Bugha talked to Fallon about his daily routine as well as the origin of his nickname.

“My grandpa gave me the name,” Bugha said. “When I was a baby, he used to say ‘bugha, bugha, bugha’ and I used to laugh. That’s where I got it from.”

Bugha also talked about his start as a Fortnite pro, earning about $100 from tournaments, and how his parents were eventually convinced to let him pursue the career that would one day make him a millionaire.

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