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Justice seems to have finally caught up with Fortnite streamer Luke “MrDeadMoth” Munday, following his recent domestic abuse controversy.

On Dec. 9, 2018, the viewers on Munday’s channel became witnesses to a gruesome sight. Interrupted by his wife during a game of Fortnite, MrDeadMoth stood up and can be heard hitting his spouse off-camera with their child crying in the background.

Following the incident, reports indicated that Munday was arrested and later changed with Common Assault. His case is due to be processed Jan. 10 this year.

What stirred the spirits even more, however, was the streamers return to Twitch after less than a month since the assault happened. Munday resumed broadcasting on Jan. 2 which, naturally, caused a havoc within the gaming community. Twitch were called out for their unfair policing of conduct, where derogatory or otherwise offensive words would draw harsher punishment than an actual act of violence.

But now, it seems Twitch have taken actions. Visiting MrDeadMoth’s channel gives an error message, hinting that Munday might have been permanently banned and his channel erased for all eternity. The company itself is yet to make an official statement.

Munday’s case will likely have a lasting effect in the conversation about how Twitch should moderate the content on their platform. While MrDeadMoth might never resume streaming, being allowed to return in the first place raises questions about Twitch’s policing priorities. The discussion about what should be allowed on the world’s largest streaming stage is already a delicate one, with the opinions very polarized, and the treatment of Munday is not making it any clearer.

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